Free Internet Marketing Book Audio Download of Chapter 1 of The Findability Formula!


Free Internet Marketing Book Audio Download of Chapter One of The Findability Formula! Also available on ITunes.

Looking for Internet Marketing Book for your web site? Frustrated by your web site visibility in Google?
Here is a FREE monthly download of The Findability Formula of the Introduction and Chapter One. This Internet Marketing Book is for the business owner who does not want the “techie” approach. They want simple language and straight answers to search engine marketing. How to really realize results and real “actions” on your site. Listen to these chapters each month to learn how you CAN do this yourself.

In an effort to spread the work on the new book, I have recorded all the chapters of the book to better spread the word on the book and my “findability” approach. I do sell the CD set for $99 with the book if you are interested in listening to the entire series. I will be posting a new chapter each month starting in April. I have included the Introduction to the book as well as Chapter One. If you do download this please make sure to let you know what you think. You can also go to for all the tools and resources that are mentioned in each chapter. Please make sure to send it to whoever you like and keep coming back for more downloads each month.


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