Get to Know the Amazing Women I Shared the Stage With at TEDX Cherry Creek

Sarah Adewumi

Former pageant queen, Sarah Adewumi encourages the youth to pursue their callings and promotes diversity and inclusion in STEM. She emphasizes that femininity and intelligence are not mutually exclusive. Adewumi has been working to make science-learning more attainable in K-12 for the youth across the United States.


Eva Amin

Eva Amin is only a senior at her local charter school and holds leadership positions in different organizations throughout her community. Her passions include women empowerment, self care and youth activism. She regularly interviews powerful women for her podcast, which she hopes will guide young women in regards to self love and unrealistic expectations set by social media. Amin hopes to pursue entrepreneurship and marketing in college.


Reagan Cannon

Reagan Cannon is committed to helping individuals, particularly in executive roles, effectively scale their leader skills and abilities. She has over 20 years experience in speaking and coaching. She’s lived out the blueprint on how to successfully engage and build teams at Fortune 15 companies.

Dr. Brittany Clayborne

Since 2012, Dr. Brittany Calyborne has been resuscitated six times. At the age of 26, she suffered from a rare pregnancy related condition: Peripartum Cardiomyopathy. This caused her to suffer a heart attack during labor. She is part of the small percentage of people that do not recover from this condition and since then has had to spend endless time in the hospital. She received her heart transplant surgery in the beginning of 2018, but ended that same year getting diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Clayborne aims to share her story in order to inspire tenacity, grace and some humor to her journey of life no matter the circumstances.

Keo Frazier

Keo Frazier’s focus is simple, the betterment of our communities. She has had proven success in marketing, communications, strategic leadership, brand engagement and public affairs. She has founded and owned seven companies. All with the commitment of bringing people together and solving world problems. She is a very civically-minded individual who is looking out to enhance the human experience and to elevate who we are collectively – locally, nationally and globally.

Dr. Maggie Kang

Her unique position of physician, caregiver and mother, allow Dr. Maggie Kang to be a great support for parents of kids with chronic illness. She was the one to find her child’s rare disease from a single brain MRI. She now advocates for families that suffer from a rare disease and has been focused on disease detection. She works to increase awareness and research of these diseases. Dr. Kang uses her coaching skills to work with affected parents and caregivers.

Donna Lynne

Chief Executive Officer for Denver Health and Hospital Authority (DHHA), a $1.5 billion comprehensive health care system in Denver, CO, Donna Lynne is a successful business leader. She has been recognized by many known companies/organizations/communities including: Columbia University Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, Denver Public Schools Foundation, and various government offices.

Karla Merrell

Before becoming a motivational speaker, Karla Merrell was an unfulfilled attorney. She decided to take a leap and venture into founding her own company with a  focus on offering support and guidance to middle aged women. Her goal was for these women to be fulfilled in all areas of their lives. With running being another of her passions, she merged the two and created training programs where women could not only train their bodies but also their minds, kick-starting their growth journeys.

Lauren Ross

Lauren Ross currently holds a leadership position at a Denver, CO school district. She’s worked many positions in the public education field for over twenty years. Her focus is supporting the social and emotional wellness of students and families. During the pandemic, she started Project Village, a Facebook group dedicated to being a space of connection and community. The group now has over 40,000 members and continues to be a space of joy and support for members from all over the world.

Darcy Nelson

Coming from the west coast, Darcy Nelson moved to Colorado in 2018. She thinks of music as medicine, and performs original and cover songs. She is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who uses her talents to encourage others to live well, give love and choose happiness.

Stacy Taubman

Speaker and moderator, Stacy Taubman is a respected and successful strategic business leader. She has a proven track record of inspiring ideas and actions in others. She currently holds the position of Chief Revenue Officer where her primary focus is overseeing and creating alignment between sales, marketing and customer service while keeping the customers best interest at the forefront.

Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler

Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler holds leadership roles at two major Colorado companies. One is a consulting firm specializing in supporting organizations and communities to build diversity, inclusion and equity. The other is a human resources firm that primarily supports nonprofit organizations and small businesses. She is a Cornell University Diversity and Inclusion Certificate recipient and is nationally recognized for her non-profit, community, government and corporate organizations equity work.


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