Goal Setting For Kids – Client Spotlight: Social Media can help Premier Goal Setting Website Goalforit

Social Media Marketing is one of our core competencies that we are excited to fully leverage for our clients. To highlight our of our best clients in social media for 2009, premier goal setting site Goalforit.com, is now dominating the search engines under their core keywords for their Chore Chart Goal Setting application.

So, now is the perfect opportunity to leverage social platforms, such as a blogs, to enhance a new campaign we created for Goalforit’s Habits and Daily goals chart.

A little Promotion for Goal For It:
As our client, we would be remiss to miss this opportunity to promote Goalforit’s Habits and Daily goal chart, which provides a simple way to create the positive habits and effective daily goals that brings greater success into everyday life. Visit their website at www.Goalforit.com to learn more about the new easy-to-use tool for goal setting.

After running a Pay Per Click account (in this case, Google Adwords), we now have a great idea of what keywords “work” for this goal setting tool online. By “work” we mean we have determined which keywords consumers search that typically result in a sale. Now with this information, we will take it to Google’s free keyword tool: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal, to run some options for blogs-

  • Goal setting
  • Goal setting tools
  • Goal setting worksheet
  • How to set goals
  • Importance of goal setting
  • Personal goal setting
  • Process goal setting
  • Setting goals
  • Setting realistic goals

And the great thing about our blogging strategies are that they can really enhance the organic ranking of our client’s targeted keywords.  For example, we can create 9 separate blog posts with unique content to target all 9 of these keyword strings.

In essence, with successful blogging strategies, you can really maximize your SEO opportunities.

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