Heather Lutze on Brainstormin with Bill Frank’s Radio Show

Our fearless leader, Heather Lutze, was on a radio show on Nov. 3 talking about Findability Group, a company that does internet marketing in Denver. On the radio show, called Brainstormin’ With Bill Frank, she talks all about search engine marketing and discusses important points from her book, The Findability Formula: The Easy, Non-Technical Approach to Search Engine Marketing.

Lutze starts off talking about the best way to go about “getting found.” She pushes the fact that searchers need to find what they want through keywords. If a business owner’s website has all the bells and whistles and looks amazing, but it’s not keyword optimized for their target audience, then the website is pointless. Heather mentions that if she hears the phrase ‘If you build it they will come’ one more time, she’s going to pull her hair out, because it’s simply not true.

Heather then goes on to talk about the difference and the benefits of both paid search and organic search. She mentions that it’s important to be visible in both.

She also mentions the tool that everyone should be using—the Google Keyword Tool. It is perfect for seeing what keywords you need to optimize for, which ones have the most search volume, and the competition for the keywords. She emphasizes that long-tail keywords are the key to connecting with a customer that is ready to buy.

Listen to the full radio interview and learn more about all the information and tips that Heather Lutze has to offer from her abode, an internet marketing company in Denver.

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