Heather Lutze Gets Rick Rolled

2011 has really been the year of epic proportions for Findability. We finally got our hands on Findability.com, launched a brand new website (yes we now have much greater sympathy for companies going through a website re-do process), but most importantly it has been the year for office pranks…

The year in re-cap thus far:

– Wrapping Troy’s Office (Find our Facebook page for the video!)

– Hidding all of the items in Sarah’s office and leaving clues as to their new location (again see Facebook)

– Solo-cupping Jim’s office (if you have to ask, you don’t want to know)

– And Finally – the Great Rick Roll War.

So, for all the Findability fans that have been keeping track of our pranks, here is the recording of Heather Lutze getting rick rolled – enjoy!

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