Website Images Done Right! Hire The Best..And The Rest Will Follow!

Website Images Done Right!
Hire The Best and The Rest Will Follow 

We started a journey last week to create a beautifully findable website when I decided I needed “a crown jewel of an example of the right way to build a findable site.”

This quest began by rebranding my ENTIRE website. I started by creating three beautifully designed logos for the branches of my website: Findability University, Findability Speaking, and Findability Labs.


If you missed the beginning of the journey, click here to catch up.

On To the Next Step:

  • Great photography and video.

I coach clients on how to visually represent their brand and their personality. So I knew I needed a fresh look. One that shows me on a more personal level and not as some corporate giant. I’m so over trying to look bigger than we are. 

I reached out to some friends and found two gems. Laura Mahoney Photography and Chris Orwat of Pure Cinematography.

If I can do the photography and the video on the same day, I could move mountains. So I found a day that worked for both Laura and Chris. I assembled my support crew and the planning begun. 

Chris Orwat and his sound assistant. Heidi Huber helps keep me calm and non-shiny.
Laura Mahoney was there to take her amazing shots. 

We set up a shoot plan:

First, we picked three shoot locations; 

Then, we Got Permissions to Shoot at locations; 

Finally, we picked out outfits and props. 

My recommendation: “When thinking about your videos, think about the sections of your site. See if you can create a narrative about that one element of your business.” 

So I did some Promotional pieces. General pieces from key parts of my training. I picked two pieces that can be used in a number of locations on my site. 



Then we invited a few of my favorite local clients to come and do a short video testimonial about their experience with findability. Here is the lovely Debra Fine, famous for her book The Fine Art of Small Talk 

After many testimonials gathered, I can give you my personal advice: DO NOT just record video.

Make a plan ahead:

Think about where you would put that video on your site. Visualize the position of the message you’re trying to get across. One that matches your offerings.

Also, you’ll need to think location: What’s the best place to film that conveys that feeling I’d like to share with my potential clients? 

Follow our journey to a beautifully findable website. Keep following our blogs. 

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