How difficult it is to start creating Podcasts ?

Last week we talked about some mind-blowing Podcast facts and statistics.
Now it is time to dive in and figure out how difficult it is to start creating Podcasts.

I know, as business owners, it’s sometimes easier to say “that just too hard.”
Well I am here to tell you, it isn’t.

With podcasting, the most difficult part is reaching the decision you wish to Podcast. After the decision to Podcast has been made, it is super simple – as long as you know the right steps to take, and you have the right equipment at hand.

So what do you really need to begin podcasting?

Let’s walk through the basic equipment you need to get started:

• You’ll need a microphone: Yeti is my favorite.

I record my podcasts using conferencing. They give you both the video track and the audio track, so you can use the video for vlogging and the audio for your podcast.


Podcast Production Vendor. After I have used to record my calls, then I send those recordings to PodFly. The team at podfly take my recording, clean it up and add the intro and ending message and upload it to Libsyn for syndication to podcast sites like itunes and google play. has been a great ally for my production of podcast.

Professional Introduction: I was looking for a fun and approachable intro that did not sound like a car dealership commercial. Insert the velvet voice of Glenn Thayer, professional voice over artist and emcee.

His voice is amazing and he is the voice for the intro of my Search Party Podcast here is a sample of his speaking, this is why I used him for my Pod Cast Intro.

You can visit his site here

Syndication: You’ll surely want to distribute your Podcast to a broader targeted audience, and that’s where the services of can truly help you shine. Their name is short for Liberated Syndication, and they help you connect your Podcast to all the subscription sites like iTunes, Spotify, Google play store, and Sticher.

So what you get is complete Podcast hosting and publishing services with plans starting from $5 per month.

OK, so now that we’ve learned about the basic equipment necessary, it’s time to move on to step 2 – Getting guests for your Podcast.

And that is something to look forward to for next week, when we discuss the question: “How hard it is to get guests for your podcast?”

If you want to see the Blog Post from last week you can read it here..

What The Heck is a Podcast? Why Podcast?

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