How to Audit Your Website: Your Ultimate SEO and Conversion Guide


How do you really know what search engines think about your website?

Well, your website’s health and how good of a score you get is what we’re gonna talk about today. So, you may have spoken to a lot of SEO experts. Maybe you got a call from somebody who said that they rank you number one in Google. 

You don’t really want to jump on those unless you have some context of what’s happening with the health of your website. Now, there are a ton of tools out there that are great for assessing your ranking. 

But one of my favorite tools which actually assesses the health of your website is a tool called Woorank.  You can go in, run any domain, and then it’s going to go out. It’s going to look under the hood of your website. Google is not gonna rank a website that is not technically sound. So, you could go into a bunch of different optimization on your blogs on your pages and if the website is just technically not trustworthy. 

All that work is going to be for none. The most important thing is to use these kinds of tools to go in and make sure that you are able to really understand how to tweak it. These reports are going to give you a piece of data you go and say, webmaster and say, please get this to a hundred percent. Now, most websites never get to a hundred percent. But we want to make sure that we get as high as possible. 

Now, I have an account and I was able to run one free report before you have to sign up.  Alright, so this is a website called Autism Hope Alliance. Let me just show you an example of the kind of work that we do when you sign up for a findability audit

We always run this report and it’s great because we’re able to really show you in real-time what’s going on under the hood of your website. What do I really need to be fixing? they got a 73 out of 100 which is pretty good. But we want to make sure it’s the very best technically sound healthy website. So, when you run it you’re gonna see this right in front of you. I’m going to scroll down and we’re going to look for it when looking for red.

You don’t need to tell anyone they’re at your homepage, they’re already there. So, what my recommendation would be for this is to take the home out and talk about what kind of company they are, who they serve and how they help. 

Let’s see here. Education, financial support and volunteerism for families facing the diagnosis of autism. What we might want to do is rewrite this title tag to say the leader in autism education and support. 


Something that comes right out of the gate and tells me exactly what it is the company does. That shows up right in search results. So, it’s very important that you really think beyond just the name of your site. 

Meta Description

Now, we’re going to look next at a meta description. A meta description is what shows up in search results right underneath the title tag. You’ll see that this says education, financial support, volunteerism for families facing the diagnosis of autism. 



So, a lot of times this is in the Google preview, which is also called the snippet. Shows up right inside search results. It’s so important that we craft this very carefully. I like to think of this as the very first virtual handshake. When I see you in search results, I’m then going to make a split-second decision on whether I’m going to click on your site. 

This is the moment where you need to think, “What am I gonna say that’s gonna grab them right away.” So, home autism hope Alliance? Not really very interesting. The leader in autism support and nutrition, that’s a whole different kind of offer.

My take on this is that be really careful about what you’re putting here in your title tag as well as in your description tag. 

Phone Number

Now, another thing you might want to consider putting here is a phone number. Talk to an autism specialist, Talk to an Autism expert, Talk to an autism nutrition expert, and put the phone number right there. Have you ever noticed when you go to a website that your phone number is like a scavenger hunt? 

You can’t find it or it’s an 8-point type in the footer of the website? Let’s not do that. Let’s make sure that the phone number is prominent. Hopefully at the very top of the website before I ever scroll down. 


I’m just looking for the red in this report. So, as I go down here we’re gonna make sure that we’re looking at all the different elements. Now, you’ll see here that XML sitemap right here is nowhere to be found. 

This is incredibly important because the XML sitemap tells Google all the pages that are being visited on your website as well as when you see those pop downs in search results. So, let me go over to adjust to Google search. 

Want to make sure we have a really strong call-to-action there. Then we have the description tag right underneath it. Tell me how you’re going to help me as a visitor. Give me a phone number there, and then you’ll see… 

These are called the site links. And they’re very important that we make sure that the XML sitemap is super nerdy. But your website developer will know how to fit this fixed. I don’t expect you to know all the elements of this report. 

What your job is is to make sure they get fixed.  

It’s amazing the little things that can erode your authority with Google. They don’t have a custom 404 error page. When I go to the wrong page in the website, I get this generic. You know, 404 error. That’s not helping me to continue my path with you. It also is a bit discrediting because why do you have a broken page on your website? 

You want a custom 404 error page. My website has an ice-cream… Has an ice-cream cone. One of the scoops has fallen off of the ice-cream cone and it says, “You must be lost, click here to go back to the home page.”

Make sure to have a custom 404 error page. Again, your web designer will know how to fix this.


Okay, let’s talk about domains , to protect your brand online, make sure you have all three dot com, dot net and dot org. Also that you buy two years ahead on that domain. You’ll see here that Google is looking at this and saying, “Well, are you going to be around in 6 months?” So buy 2 years ahead on your domain. Just so that Google has no reason not to trust that you’re going to be going away anytime soon. 

If you like this woo rank report but would like someone to hold your hand through it, we’d love to help you to do that. So, we also offer a findability review where you can go in and we run this report for you and then we walk you through all the steps. 

Now, on our website, you’ll be able to sign up for a findability audit. You’ll get right on to my calendar and I’ll walk you through this report. Remember that you’re never going to get ranked unless you have an engine that is purring like a kitten and will make sure that you have all of those little tiny things fixed so when you do start to really do findability on your website, that it’s going to rank over all the keywords you’re looking for. 

Just kind of make sure that engine is nice and ready to go. So, if you liked what we talked about with your audit or your website health, sign up for a findability review. We’re gonna run those same tools. We’re gonna pull back the curtain to see what’s going on with your website. 

How to improve your ranking so we can make you the most findable business online. Don’t forget.

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