How to Get A TEDx Talk – The Secrets Learned Along My TEDx Path

How to get a TEDx talk

How to get a TEDx talk and Rock The Red Dot:
The Ultimate Guide to Getting Onstage!
Lessons Learned from Heather Lutze and Gracie – 49k Views and Counting

Have you ever wished you could give a TEDx talk? Perhaps you have an important message to share with the world, but don’t know where to start. Luckily, myself and my Gracie, a chihuahua Psychiatric Service Dog, have some experience in the matter. First of all, watch our talk here: Please Comment and share. 

Now let’s talk about the fine details:

What Is a TED Talks vs a TEDx Talk?

TED means TED technology. Since 1982 nonprofit organizations exist with legendary discussions, only starting in 2007. There are two different kinds of TED talks: a TED Talk or TEDx talk. TED Talks are presented during a TED Global conference or annual conference. The talk will be presented at an independent conference. This event can be organized by those who have given TED permission and accept the rules. All TEDx presentations have no fee. TED spokespeople said TED talks are focused around global problems, but talks at TEDx are more local.

Can anyone talk at TEDx?

Yes. TEDx organizers are looking for people who can share their experiences. They want a great speaker. This will prove to the public how much it takes you to keep the audience engaged. Try finding smaller speaking positions first as an amateur or newcomer.

How much does it cost to do a TEDx talk?

TED Talking is free as speakers selected by TED organizers based on the best ideas they have spread. Your time to create the pitch, filling in the application, recording your perfect video and submitting is many hours of work. So calculate what your time is worth and that is the actual cost of a TEDX talk.

Do your research – know what you’re talking about and be passionate about it

Doing research for a TEDX talk is an invaluable step in the process and by taking the time to learn as much as possible about your subject matter, you will be able to craft a compelling introduction that captures the attention of your audience. Passion is also key when giving this type of presentation. If you make sure to show your enthusiasm for the topic, you can create an energetic experience. Knowing your material inside and out will give you confidence and help capture people’s interest, so take a moment to immerse yourself in the information before taking center stage. By doing this, you can make a lasting impression on those privileged enough to hear your insight.

Get to Know Other Tedx Talks

TEDx talk can be studied in the context of other speakers giving the same talk before the talk. The TED Talk is specific. The better you understand the basic concepts that make up the best TED talk the more success you will have. Watch other thinkers who are leading the field. Keep a close eye on the facts he or she offers you and his or her conversational skills. A good idea to get familiar with TED. Make contact with TEDx speakers and organizers.

Apply to be a TEDx speaker

Whenever a person has joined a coaching organization or not, TED is geared towards gaining a place in their TED community. You must submit a TEDx summary as well as an application for speaking on a TEDx stage. If you use thought leaders as your coach they will give you the event list that will help you with application and preparation. Until then, you can find TEDx events near you before applying. w

Submit Multiple TEDx Applications to Different Events

It takes around 84 applications a year for the TEDx event. Therefore, one important factor determining whether to get TED talks is to get cited as many times as possible. You can apply for any TEDx event. It is recommended for the applicant that they establish a weekly application goal and submit the application as quickly as possible. Our advice would be to each individual applicant to set an application goal each week and submit as many applications as you can. TED talk trainers often help with deadlines. Alternatively you might wish to tell some friends or family members about the project as I have gotten so many requests from people. One speaker submitted 50 applications before getting selected.

Here are some more tips on getting your TEDx talk just right.

Find a unique angle or story to tell that will engage the audience

It is important to be memorable when giving a TEDX talk, and one way to do this is by finding a unique angle or story to tell. You could try relating a personal experience that others can relate to or explore a topic in novel and interesting ways. Whatever you decide to share, make sure it’s engaging! Think of it as a performance—everything should be enthralling from your opening sentence all the way to the end. The most captivating talks deliver an idea or reveal something about human nature that will stay with viewers after you finish speaking. If you can create something special, the audience will thank you for it.

Keep it short and sweet – TED talks are only 18 minutes long or less! What is your idea worth spreading?

Have you ever thought that you have something to say that the world needs to hear? Well, why not apply for a TEDX talk and start to bring your idea worth spreading to life? Keep it short and sweet by making sure your talk does not exceed 18 minutes long. No matter what subject you choose, be it about politics, education, human rights or technology, make your talk interesting, heartfelt and memorable. Give the audience something to ponder about, an idea worth spreading that will leave them inspired. There’s no time like the present – start outlining your ideas today!

Be yourself – don’t try to be someone you’re not, the audience will see right through it

Being yourself is essential for delivering a successful TEDX talk. Trying to be someone you’re not will make your audience wonder if you believe in what you are saying. Instead, focus on talking about what matters most to you – your passions and experiences. Believe in the message that you’re trying to convey and don’t be afraid of taking risks with ideas; let your personality shine through so the audience can connect with you authentically. Authenticity allows the listeners to become invested in the topic, opening them up to hear what it is that truly moves you.

Consider Partnering With A TED Talk Coach

Getting TED talks is a good idea. The next thing is getting them from companies who have mastered this process. If you’re a client, you probably have searched for TED events and other info about the TED conference. But there were certainly varying sources. How to get into TED conferences can be incredibly frustrating. Confusion is what makes us stop thinking. It helps when coaching companies come in. This company holds your goals accountable, offers an extensive schedule of events and understands all aspects of conferences.

Karyn Ruth White

I highly recommend my coach Karyn Ruth White. She had worked with over 10 people who have successfully submitted and been selected for a TEDx talk. I honestly feel I would never have been selected without her guidance. She knew how to craft your pitch, create a 40 second video clip that grabs peoples’ attention. This was the second time I applied.

Here is what Karyn Ruth did to make my TEDx talk a success:

            • Crafting my title and description to match that years theme
            • Writing your application down to every word. Carefully creating per the TED specs.
            • Creating a compelling video under 40 seconds – incredible hard
            • Working on your stage presence and practicing the talk.

If you are interested it trying to secure a TEDx talk, please contact or visit

A TEDX talk can truly bring attention to the message you are trying to get across. With research, practice, and your own unique story and angle, you can create an engaging speech that will capture the attention of those tuning in. It’s a difficult task – it requires time and dedication – but if done right, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. The best talks are those that come from the heart and really capture the viewer’s attention with an engaging story or heartfelt truth. So find your passion and make it count. Don’t be afraid to take risks and fail – as long as you give your all with every attempt. Keep your talk short and sweet, but precise, so you can make the maximum impact on your audience. And finally, stay true to who you are – be comfortable in your own skin so that you put forth the aura of authenticity instead of pretending to be someone else. For more tips on how to get a TED or TEDX talk please watch my video and comment – I’d love to hear what works for you! Good luck!

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All my best, Heather Lutze

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