How to Hire a Web Developer

Why hiring the right team is important for you and your business!

Have you hired a web developer that was maybe a little flaky? Maybe he took 2 weeks to get back to you? Everything was just a little too rushed for him. Did he need more time? Well, you’re not alone. People have hired and fired web developers; I myself have hired at least 10 or 12 web developers in my professional career and it has been one of the systemic issues we face as a business owner you need to have people on your team you trust.

If you’re a business owner, you know that having the right people around you is so critical. But for the first time in your life, you’re not the expert, all you can do is trust that they have your best interest in mind.

So, let me give you 3 easy tips to know when hiring a Web Developer:

  1. CHECK REFERENCES –   A lot of people like, “I don’t want to check references because they always say good things.” Well, that has not always been my experience when I have to call a reference, they give it to you like it is. If they say things such as, “It took a little longer or we didn’t quite have the right look and feel but then we eventually got there.” You need to, really listen to those verbal cues when you call those references, don’t just blindly hire a web developer based on what their websites look like. 
  2. IMPRESSIVE WEBSITE – Make sure you are in love with their website right away. If they can’t build a good website for themselves, that’s probably not going to bode well for any website they would build for you. 
  3. GOOD RAPPORT – Making sure that you and your web developer are on the same page you need to find out if the developer is an emotionally intelligent developer that listens to you and then you two can work together to come up with a look and feel that is serving your business and makes you proud to see it every day.

No one is going to protect you, they’re only looking out for their interests and not yours.  So you as an executive need to download my Executive Checklist, fill it out, sit down with your team, and make sure you know where all those assets are, after all, they belong to you and your brand you need to protect them.

Because trust me, when your website goes down, that will become your number one priority and I’m sure you have other things to do in your business, but first and foremost make sure your Web Developer knows what you expect and hold them accountable.

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