How to Make Your Website Content Findable?


Have you ever wondered how to optimize a piece of copy or a blog post? To be findable for that keyword? 

Let’s talk about the elements Google really cares about for optimization or just relevance. If you were writing a term paper or you were creating a blog post of course, it’s going to be about one topic with supporting points. 

The supporting points are a little different for Google. These are the elements that Google cares about. 



The title tag shows up in that tab at the top of your browser. Very important that the keyword be there to start with. 


Also called the H1 or the header tag. This is what tells Google is like the headline of a newspaper. It has a big promise statement with the keyword in it, and it’s very important.


I got to write something and I want to make sure that of course my keyword is sprinkled throughout then of course we’ve got images if I want an A+ on my term paper, I’m gonna make sure that I’ve got images that are named that keyword and then finally, I’m going to make sure I have links. 

Now what I like to call this is the THBLI method. Title, headline, body, links, images. THBLI, write that down. Put it on a sticky note, put it on the front of your computer, whatever it takes for you to remember. 

That’s where you go back and pop the keyword in across the page. We’re not trying to paint it with keywords, we’re just carefully putting it in the right elements that Google cares about. 

We’ve got the title, remember the title of the paper so let’s talk about the elements. I’m going to walk you through an example and here we’ve got dog groomers. I own a dog grooming shop. 

I also wanted a reason to put dogs in my presentation, so here we are. We’re going to optimize for dog groomers. Denver as a specific keyword phrase. I’ve done my research and it gets 590 searches per month. 

That’s a pretty good search volume. Especially if I’m a dog groomer in Denver. We’re going to start off with the keyword is dog groomer Denver and it’s 590 searches a month. I could do that.

Let’s walk through the elements that we’re going to tweak as we go through this. 

It’s like remember you’re romancing the click. You want to make sure they click on that because you’ve given them something so juicy, so interesting that they absolutely have to click on it and check it out. 

Alright, so the title again is dog groomer Denver: grooming for your canine friend. Now let’s talk about the headline. The headline is like the headline of a newspaper. It’s got to pack a punch right? 

It’s got a bring me in, got to excite me to read the rest of the article. So the headline, you can write in your document is finally, a dog groomer in Denver, your canine will love. You want to make sure this is a little more conversation, a little more easygoing. 

We’re not going to this like pop the keyword in the front like we did in the title tag or the headline. I’m sorry this is the headline. But we’re going to make sure finally a dog groomer in Denver, your canine will love.

This is going to be right at the top. It’s a really big font that shows up at the very top of the page. Now, the next one is a little more trickier. For a long time, we said a minimum of 300 words of body copy. 

I want you to write what you feel is a good amount of copy, maybe 3 or 4 solid paragraphs. In another video, I’m going to show you how to actually get the exact content number for that article. 

SEMrush has something called an SEO content template and it will give you the exact amount of content you need to write for any keyword you want to rank on the Internet. But for right now, I want you to think about just writing something. 

Just start like three nice sized paragraphs, with the word Denver dog groomer, right? Sprinkled throughout. It doesn’t have to be together, you might separate this. Let me show you this. I have this written on your sheet for you. 

You may be wondering what dog groomers services to request at your Denver pet shop this year. We’re getting it sprinkled in there but now you have to really give them some meat and potatoes, right? 

You have to really talk about what you do, what kind of services do you have. You have to think about how to make that interesting as well as how to make it relevant for that one keyword. 

That’s what SEO content optimization is all about is making sure that you have consistency from top to bottom of that keyword relevance or keyword phrase. Then if I’m really liked I was an a-plus student man. 

I would sit in the front row, I would hang out at the office hours, I want an A+ so if you want an A+ on your SEO content paper, you’re going to need to have images.

You might have stats, you might have photos but what’s important here is that you name the images the keyword.

What happens is when Google comes to a page, it gives you about 8 seconds to figure out what it’s about and then parse all these different elements. So it comes to the page, says “Okay, great what’s in the title.”

There’s no question in Google’s mind. It knows exactly where to put it. So remember THBLI. Title, headline, body, links, images, live it, know it, love it. If you want a piece of findable content just kind of make THBLI and it will rank so fast it’ll make your head spin. 

Are you seeing how you can be findable for a keyword now? I love this stuff and I love creating content to help you be the most findable business online. 

Don’t forget to sign up for a findability review with me. We’ll take a look under the hood. We will run some reports and we’ll see how we can move the needle for you in your online marketing. 


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