How To Pick A Domain Name: What Really Matters!

There comes a point in time in every business owner’s journey, where they’re going to have to pick a domain. Whether it is a domain for your business, a domain for a hobby, or maybe even a side career domain selection is very important. I think historically we’ve just chosen domains based on brand name mostly and then we add LLC or INC to it because, yeah that’s what we’re supposed to do right.

So here is your ultimate guide that you can use when picking out your Domain Name: 

#1 Dash, Words and Names

If your domain name has a dash I want you to consider that maybe that’s a bit of vulnerability for you because there could be another domain out there without the dash that matches that as well so if you have a domain with a dash and you need to protect your brand. 

If you’re thinking of using your name as a domain and it’s really hard to pronounce then you

need to go in and figure out what are all the misspelled variants of that domain because you will want to buy those misspellings as well as the correct spellings. Take all the misspellings and point them to the one correct spelling of your name. This goes also if your brand name is hard to pronounce or to spell. 

#2 Buy the .com .net and .org but Don’t buy any other domain extensions

As I mentioned above and it bears repeating, make sure you buy all variants of your name. This is vital to brand recognition and protecting your brand, buy any misspellings even a misspelling of one letter can make a big difference. It’s your name, own it!

Secondly, make sure to buy the .net .com and .org that is a suite of three that is a sellable asset of your business so one day when you go to sell your business they’re going to expect that when they buy your domain they will want to have all three. 

Now with that being said don’t buy any of the other domain extensions. They don’t rank in Google, if you go in and look 90% of all the domains on the Internet are .coms. 

#3 Own a suite of domains based on what you know best

Another way to think about domain names is that you want to own the suite of domains that is based on what you know best. .com is the language of business on the internet you want a .com,  .net are for networks and  .org are for nonprofits. If you have a non-profit arm of your business use the .org this adds credibility. Google loves .orgs and then of course if you have an educational domain then a .edu is like the gold standard of domain extensions. 

#4 Look at the other variants that you should consider

Always remember that when we are doing domain names it’s important to remember that we not only want a keyword-rich domain, but we also want to make sure that it is available and that we can leverage it properly. Which is like and then there might be what we call a secondary domain which might be like

#5 Using incognito to leverage prices

Domain companies like eBay and GoDaddy are sites that are auction models. Incognito is great to conceal that you’ve been on their website before to check on the prices of their domains. Always remember that whenever you’re searching for anything that’s an auction model domain or names, airline tickets, concert tickets or domain companies make sure you are in incognito mode, so they can’t get you on a higher price the next time you go back.


BONUS: Add “experts” / “best” / “pros”

Here’s a trick that I’ll share with you if you can’t afford a domain add experts, add best, add pros to the domain so it’s still you’re still anchoring in it and the way that people think but

then you’re adding on a little bit of specialization or a declaration that we are the best on that field. 

Don’t buy other people other domains it’s a waste of your money. Just worry about your own stuff and don’t try to slander or make negative with your competitors just leave it alone. It’s not as easy as you think it is, and you’ll want to keep a few things in mind before purchasing the domain name you’re thinking about.

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