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Have you heard of Describing themselves as “The world’s largest marketplace for small services, starting at $5,” Fiverr is unique and fascinating entry into the world of internet marketing.

If you’re amazed that anything valuable can be said in 140 characters (Twitter) then perhaps you will be equally shocked by the Fiverr concept. People post services they are willing to do for a measly 5 bucks. But they are frequently not measly services at all, some of them are pretty major!

Are these people desperate? No, in fact they’re innovative, and you might very well want to join them and learn how to use fiverr.

How to Use Fiverr and How it Works:

People post tasks they are willing to do for $5, and others buy them. When someone buys a service, Fiverr takes the $1, so the seller actually only makes $4. Are you becoming less interested now; not more interested?

Please read on! Here’s the genius of it…

People offer services ranging from recording a voiceover in another language, to lip synching the song of your choice. (And that second vendor is listed as a top rated seller!) Buyers leave feedback, which could be very good for bringing in new business.

Fiver is divided into the following sections:

  • Funny and Bizarree
  • Social Marketing
  • Graphics
  • Writing
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Programming

Might you need assistance in any of those areas?

How to use Fiverr for Small Businesses:

  • Get assistance with small specialized tasks for a reasonable price, and finding an excellent, affordable contractor for larger tasks at the same time.
  • Outsource work you don’t have the manpower, time or expertise to do in-house
  • Need a logo? A video testimonial? A press release? A unique promotional marketing idea? All of those can be found on Fiverr…

How about these two offerings:

I will make 20 awesome custom QR codes that goes to your website, business, url, youtube, twitter, flicker…for $5

I will air your commercial 10 times a day on my radio network for one week for $5

Is Fiverr sounding more interesting now?

For small business owners on a tight budget or business startups on a shoestring, Fiverr could be the answer to your prayers.

How to use Fiverr to get More Business:

On the flip side, if you are a service provider looking to find new clients, you could offer a small sample of what you do on Fiverr, and possibly pick up some excellent ongoing clients and that all-important word of mouth.

I’ve been amazed at the things  you can get for just $5. It restores my faith that entrepreneurship is not only alive but thriving merrily away, even in these difficult economic times. Take a look at today. I’ll be surprised if you don’t find something there that sparks a great marketing idea, solves a business problem, or inspires and delights you in some way.

After I learned how to use fiverr, I ordered a video to be made about the Findability Formula for $5 — View my video.

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