How to Write a Blog: Quick & Easy!

If you want to up your game by becoming a blogger and want to really strive on creating consistent content that’s findable, then this blog is for you. We are going to look at how to create blogging content easily and quickly that converts.

Have you ever found yourself wondering, what the heck should I blog about? How is this relevant to my audience?, or how does it go with what is happening in my business at this point in time?

Well, I’m going to show you a secret on how to make blogging content easy and help your content show up in Google Search. And an easy way to create content that is not only engaging but also can be repurposed is also known as Evergreen Content.

When you’re thinking about writing a great blog, you may think about writing 17 pieces of content across 17 different social platforms this can be overwhelming and make you want to walk away from blogging. This can be overwhelming as you are wondering if what you write is even going to matter to anyone

You have to be strategic around how you create your content.

Blog Universe

The blogging universe is where everything starts with the blog because you need that foundational piece of content on your website. Remember, blogs are on an RSS feed, and what an RSS feed means is it’s really simple syndication. 

Meaning that anyone can go in and subscribe to the blog and then every time you update content, they’re going to get a notification. This is a great way to grow your business just like CNN or the New York Times or The Wall Street Journal. They’re all subscription services as is your blog, and we can train Google to come back.

I always think about it as a Scooby Snack and we want to keep snacking Google. So, if you write a blog every Tuesday at 10:00 and you publish it every Tuesday at 10:00, Google will come back every Tuesday at 10:00. So, you can train it to pay attention to what is most important.


The big mistake I think that a lot of business owners make is that they try to create unique content for each social Channel as opposed to starting with the thought that your universe is the blog. Why not start from your blogging universe and then repurpose it across your social media channels, like graphics, the link, tweets, hashtags, and videos.

This will increase your efficiency in producing your content without the feeling of being stuck. It also helps you write your blog in a more flexible way because you know that it will go a long way. Not only on your website as a blog but as content across your social media. 

Talk to Yourself

Open up your smartphone. You can download a voice recorder and just walk around and talk about that topic. So, I’ll walk around… And this is how I did my second and third book, I dictated it. 

I created an outline and then I just walked around a hotel room for a weekend and recorded all the content. It’s like you are telling a story to yourself. You’re helping yourself know the topic, narrating the flow and story while you record it.

Rev is one of my favorite tools. How does it work? Well, after you record yourself while talking you need a reliable service that will transcribe it for you, and is a fast, reliable service that can help you with that. 

Rev will take that audio file that you just recorded, transcribe it and send it back to you within an hour. So, all of a sudden, if you’re a speaker, a thought leader, someone who doesn’t like to sit in front of a blank screen then this is the way to go, easy, peasy.

Pop open your smartphone, talk about whatever I’m gonna talk about SEO content. And I’m going to talk all about everything I know about it. Then I’m going to upload it to and it’s like Christmas morning in an hour to 2 hours, you’ll have 1100 to 1200 1300 words that are ready to go. 

Then you can optimize from there. So, be strategic about how you can create content within your own organization or on your own. 


It’s kind of like an Oprah style interview. What we do is we roll into a company. We’ve already done a lot of keyword research for them but we haven’t gotten the content yet. So, what we do is we sit down with whomever is the subject matter expert and interview them.

I pull up the search result pages for that keyword and then I look at what shows up on that search result page. And I see what it is that I can ask this person? When you come up and you pull up a search result page.

Questions, competitors, searches related to

When you go to a search box I want you to look for a number of things. 

What I want you to look for first of all are questions people also ask. You’ll see those right in the search results, then on that same page you will want to scroll all the way to the bottom and see searches related to, this shows you what people have put into the search bar to help them get the information they need, if you can answer these questions and search results you have all the ideas you need to create a good blog that people will want to read about and will make them want to subscribe to.

To sum up this process, you pick some expert on your field that will be willing to be interviewed. Ask questions based on the searches related to your SEO Content Template and keywords and don’t forget to record it. After that submit it to and boom! You now have a unique piece of content that’s coming straight from the expert’s mouth and you never had to write a thing. Do you see how cool that is?

When you’re thinking about how you can create content, it’s not about being a prolific author. It’s about getting it out of your head or getting it out of someone else’s head. Do it through audio, have it transcribed then you’re going to have some fantastic content that not only connects but converts.

Give it a try. It’s a lot of fun. So, I’ve convinced you to be a super blogger now. Hopefully, the content is going to be easy-breezy for you moving forward. 

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Watch the full video here: How to Write a Blog: Quick & Easy!



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