Hubspot Marketing Grader: A Yummy Buffet of Internet Marketing Tools for Business Owners

If you want to grow your business fast, turn to Internet marketing as the solution. Many companies need to update their marketing strategies to reflect how consumers make purchase decisions today.

Customers research online before buying or going to the store, because it saves time. So, if your company does not have a strong web presence, you miss out big time!

Since I work with company leaders and business owners every day, I understand the stress and overwhelm that often accompanies the suggestion of Internet marketing. There is so much technical stuff to understand and you don’t know who to trust or where to get started.

That’s why I am so excited to tell you about Hubspot and my interview with Mike Volpe, the Chief Marketing Officer. His insights on how to jumpstart your business online will open your eyes and give you ideas on how to make the process a lot easier.

A Buffet of Internet Marketing Tools
Mike explained that helping business owners handle the overwhelm is exactly why they formed Hubspot, an all-in-one internet marketing platform. With Hubspot, you can do everything you need to create a strong online presence and get found. The service provides a yummy buffet of inbound marketing options including blogging, email service, social media, SEO, and more.

Volpe pointed out that having access to all the tools in one place makes the process far more efficient. You can not only do your marketing from one place, but you can also access your results from the same dashboard. Pumping out the marketing is a big part of driving fast growth, but evaluating results helps you ensure everything you do works that much harder.

Scrumptious Benefits for a Buffet of Tools
According to Volpe, centralizing your internet marketing tools saves tons of time. You don’t have to export your contact list from one place and import it to another, then stop at a third place to check results. With Hubspot, everything is integrated to make your marketing tasks and analysis easier and faster.

Chow Down on the Top 3 Internet Marketing Staples

I asked Mike for the top three things a newcomer to Hubspot should focus on right out of the gate:

1. Regular Blogging. Start a blog and publish content that interests your customers on a regular basis. This will help you get found!

2. Compelling Call-to-Action. Get beyond the passive “Contact us” call to action and provide a juicy, compelling reason for people to opt-in to your list. Give visitors something to download so they’ll share their contact information.

That’s how you build your marketing database. When you offer a free assessment, report, ebook, audio or video, customers see these items as having value and will register to get them.

3. Landing Page. Your free offer needs to be on a well-written, dedicated landing page that lets customers know EXACTLY what you want them to do. The copy must address your customers’ biggest problem and solve it with your free offer.

The Delectable Advantages of Hubspot:
· Access to great support team to answer your questions anytime
· Plenty of guides for the do-it-yourselfer
· Professional service team who can walk you through every step if requested

The Most Delicious Tool
The Hubspot Marketing Grader provides a free report on your website when you enter your URL. You’ll get a wide view about how you rank based on your overall engagement online. Plus, the report offers important suggestions on how to improve your website and internet marketing to get more traffic and convert more visitors to customers. Everything is simple to understand and you can get started on the improvements right away.

If you’re ready to update your online strategy and prefer the do-it-yourself approach, check out Hubspot as your go-to internet marketing service. Mike assured me during the interview how the company is still growing and offering new and cutting edge tools.

Of course, you can always call me to learn more about SEO basics and improve your Findability online.

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