I Found You Zach Houston Famous Poet from CBS Sunday Morning

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Every now and then while I am traveling, I meet an extraordinary person like Zach Houston.

I remembered him instantly from CBS Sunday Morning Feature. He was sitting on a box outside the Marcone Center in San Francisco. I was star struck for a moment because I remembered his feature. He types on a very old manual typewriter. I paid $5 for a poem. He asked me for some inspiration, so I told him “relaxation, the ocean, the internet.” Not sure why I gave him these words but that is what came to mind. He wrote the most beautiful poem for me from his “state of the art” typewriter.


Here is what he wrote for me:

Thank you Zach for such a great poem and a wonderful encounter. You never know who you will run into when you look. I was very excited to meet him and have him write me a masterpiece. It was the ultimate juxtaposition between Web 2.0 and all the latest technology… and there was Zach, sitting on his box, typing his poems for hire on his manual typewriter. A great moment in my life.

Who are you going to find?

Don’t forget to visit his website at http://www.zachhouston.com. It’s beautifully simple.

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