The Ultimate SEO and AI-Driven Digital Marketing Bootcamp

October 26th and 27 in Denver, Colorado

Join us for a dynamic 2-day digital marketing bootcamp packed with hands-on training.

$2997 Tax Deductible Investment

Here’s what you will get:

  • Access to Super Simple SEO Video Course ($1997 Value)
  • Course manual and Marketing Espionage Book
  • Custom Project Management board called Trello
  • 3 Group Calls with Heather Lutze
  • 3 Follow-up private calls with Heather Lutze

Unlock ROI-Driven Digital Marketing, SEO, and AI Secrets: 

Stress no more! Join us to discover how you or your team can craft a digital strategy that doesn't just click but also delivers concrete business results.

Your Two-Day Power Session in Denver, CO:

Pack your bags for a hands-on  2-day bootcamp where ROI and business growth are the name of the game. With Heather Lutze, the mastermind behind 'Marketing Espionage,' steering the ship, rest assured you're in expert hands.

Website, SEO, and AI: The Triple Threat:

We'll dig deep into your website to optimize its performance for maximum conversions. Get the lowdown on SEO strategies that elevate your search rankings while driving quality leads. Plus, amp up your social media with the latest AI tools for an unbeatable competitive edge.

Leadership You Can Trust:

With Heather Lutze, CSP, at the helm, you're not just learning; you're gaining actionable insights. She's passionate about equipping you with tools and strategies to transform your online presence from merely good to indisputably great!

We’ll take a complete 360 approach:

  • AI-Enhanced Digital Marketing for Tangible ROI:
    Develop a laser-focused digital marketing strategy supercharged with Artificial Intelligence to drive meaningful revenue growth.
  • High-Impact SEO for Business Wins:
    Craft a data-driven SEO strategy that not only boosts your Google rankings but also substantially increases lead conversions.
  • Website Optimization for Ultimate Performance:
    Diagnose and resolve website issues to provide an exceptional user experience, reducing bounce rates and maximizing sales conversions.
  • Advanced SEMrush Analytics for Decision-Making:
    Harness the full capabilities of SEMrush to glean actionable insights that can guide resource allocation and bolster ROI.
  • Content Creation with AI for Market Leadership:
    Leverage next-gen AI tools like Chat.GPT to generate standout content, elevating brand authority and engaging potential clients for higher profitability.
  • 12-Month Content Calendar for Sustainable Growth:
    Implement a streamlined, year-long content strategy that ensures a consistent brand message and positions you as an industry thought leader.
  • Expert Canva Training for Brand Resonance:
    Become proficient in to create compelling social media graphics that resonate with your audience and amplify your brand equity.

Agenda For Bootcamp Week:

  • Day One – June 28th:
    • Strategic Planning, Budget and Digital Marketing Playbook Creation
    • Keyword Map creation and next level planning
    • Review current ranking
    • Fix any technical issues
  • Day Two: June 29th
    • SEMRush Training (must have account)
    • SEO tactics and reporting
    • Easy Content Creation using
    • Social Media posting via
  • Day Three: June 30th
    • Hands-On Content Creation
    • Advanced Training
    • Findable SEO for Blogging
    • Learn how to create blogging content with ease
    • 3 months of social media planning
    • 90 Day action plan and one post training meeting with Heather for support

Bootcamp Actionable Takeaways!

  • A Findability handshake with the work you've completed and the next levels
  • A clear vision of the new year ahead
  • A detailed action plan to massively increase your online business
  • 12 Month Findability SEO content calendar, and a strategy for implementation.
  • A continuity program that keeps you focused and accountable
  • Cut years off your learning curve

Your investment is $997 including breakfast and lunch, and all materials. You cover air, hotel and other expenses.

Rave Reviews From Attendees

Shawna Suckhow, CSP

“I just spent three days at an intensive retreat with trainer and founder, Heather Lutze, with Findability University. I can't believe how much I learned, and how much I had been missing in my findability and never knew before. I'm already seeing results. I highly recommend her online course, her book, and her retreat.“

David Ashen

“Heather worked with my marketing team as we got our website up…..she was extremely easy to work with and gave clear and understandable direction on how to optimize our findability. I expect that we will close approx $3-$5 Million in new business in the next couple of weeks due to this SEO work.”

Mary Foley

“Here’s the thing, when I attended the Findability Retreats I learned so much and it was non techy, just a formula to help my business, I took the Customer Journey Map and made it my own and it has been a Game Changer, hands down”- Mary Foley

David Greenholtz, CEO

‘Amazing results. I made a business decision to stop paying huge money for paid advertising and invest in serious SEO value. Heather and the team delivered more than I expected. I finally listened to her and the results speak for themself. Better call volume and more search volume to my business w no ad spend. Whatever you do, listen to her! I am now using the tools that we learned across my other businesses. Heather you rock!”

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