Did you know that Instagram is a Search Engine?

Believe it or not, Instagram SEO has become one of the most popular social media platforms that people use for searches. And how we find the content that connects and converts is critical when you’re working your buns off to become findable on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the fastest social media networks for business.

My teenage son used to say to me, “Mom, by the time you’re on that social media platform, we’re long gone. 

But there’s still an amazing amount of content marketing data that happens on Instagram now, and you need to tap into that. Are you aware that you can search for hashtags using Instagram? It is another way to drive traffic to your website.

I get a lot of people asking me if their company should be on Instagram? How does that work with my Social Media Marketing Strategy? And along with your social profiles and your websites, it can make your head swim there’s a lot going on but let’s take a deeper look.

I’ve worked very hard over a very short time to build my audience on Instagram and using SEO. I’ve been on Instagram probably for about 6 months and I already have over 9,300 followers. 

Now a big part of my strategy is, of course, making sure that this is the very best it can be. When you’re looking at it, not only does it have to be business-related but it also has to convey my personality. 

Your Instagram profile has a business name or a personal name. It will vary depending on what’s the best representation for your brand and business. A brief description of your services can be written in the biography section of your account. 

There are a few more features that you will need to know and get familiar with when using Instagram for your business. Instagram has an Instagram Story (IG) where you can share a photo, short video, gifs, or directly interact with your target audience. 

The video that you’ll upload in IG story is available for only 24hrs then it will be gone. But if you wish to save them you can add them to a feature called Instagram Highlight.  

Next, we need to take a look and plan carefully the format of the content for your Instagram posts. This is your business page and the first thing that people will notice. There are many apps and tools that you can use to produce high-quality Instagram photos to optimize your Instagram SEO. Also, make sure to add Instagram alt text to your images for those with visual impairments.

There are many options when it comes to creating graphics to go along with your content, there is pic monkey, befunky, PaintShop Pro, so many choices when it comes to creating graphics, so many to choose from.

But for me, Canva is my favorite!

My team and I utilize Canva for pretty much all of the content we post over all the social media platforms, it has all the bells and whistles and these graphics look awesome on Instagram especially when you add your included keywords which help with search engine results.

Instagram continuously updates its features within its app to optimize for the Instagram algorithm. IGTV is actually an Instagram version of YouTube, where users can share more than a longer video.

Instagram Television is where you take a video, you upload it directly to IGTV. Once it’s uploaded to IGTV, then I can share it as a story and I can share a story with my feed. 

Also on Instagram using #hashtags are so effective that it can help you reach your target audience while having good engagement through SEO. Tagging other accounts is possible and this will also help you boost your business. 

IGTV or Instagram Television is where you take a video, you upload it directly to IGTV. Once it’s uploaded to IGTV, then I can share it as a story and I can share a story with other Instagram users in my feed. That’s the ecosystem, that is Instagram SEO

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