Internet Marketing Company In Denver Findability Group – A Sign of Great Things To Come!


The Findability Group has been very busy optimizing its office for success. All computers and phone systems are on-line and ready to go. The final step is the most important one, our new Findability sign must be mounted on our office wall. The Findability group has partnered with Colorado Sign Works to create a perfect sign to match our company.  It took weeks of designing and direction, but the magnificent sign has been finished.  The sign is a characterization of our company and represents our name. Below is our journey through the sign process:

The technician from Colorado Sign Works carefully un-wraps the sign from its bubble-wrap packaging.

The frame of the Findability Sign is mounted on the wall, and all signs show it is working.


Our friendly technician at Colorado Sign Works finishes the final step, and celebration is at hand.

The sign is up and lit, this is a thing of beauty! Thank you Colorado Sign Works for your assistance. The Findability Group is now officially ready for world domination, one click at a time!

If you are interested in Colorado Sign Works, please visit their website at:

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