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Newest Google App Allows Easy Syncing Between Cloud & Microsoft Office

It was announced via the Official Google Blog today that their newest service, Google Cloud Connect, is out of beta and available to the public.

Google Cloud Connect is a toolbar for Microsoft Office that you can download that automatically installs to all of your Microsoft Office applications. You must first connect it to a Google account, but the toolbar remembers your info and you are able to switch accounts easily at any time. You will then be able to sync your documents to Google Docs so you constantly have an online backup of your files. Also, and this is the really cool feature, you can share your Office documents with colleagues so you can all be editing the same document at the same time. Much like in the online version of Google Docs, when two or more people are editing a document at the same time, those changes will automatically appear on everyone’s desktop document.

This eliminates the need for emailing multiple versions of the same document which almost always leads to confusion. Google Cloud Connect not only will sync your Office Word documents, but PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets as well. Internet Marketing Denver firm Findability Group recommends you download this free toolbar and give it a shot! You’d be amazed at how much time and frustration cloud computing will save you.

You can download Google Cloud Connect and watch some other videos explaining how to use this feature. Being a Google app, you can rest assured that downloading and installation is fast and extremely easy.

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