At this point in the year, how productive have you been with your business goals? Like many business owners, marketing is likely to be at the top of your list.

And, that’s a good thing. Because, by taking the time to review goals you made at the start of the year, you can get a good understanding of where you need to put your focus.

So, on that note, I have an important question that I’d like to ask you …

Will this finally be the year you start ranking on Page One of a Google search?

Hitting the top spot in search engine results for your most important keywords is usually not something that happens randomly — particularly if there is a lot of competition in your market. And, I would be hard pressed to name any markets without massive competition in this online age.

It takes keyword research, focused goal setting, a step by step plan, revising and tweaking that plan, and last but hardly least—time and patience—to see it through to completion.

Here are six terrific internet marketing goals that, no matter what business you’re in, can help you get closer to page one in the SERPs. (And, I’ll be writing some upcoming posts that speak to each goal in the upcoming weeks and months.)

6 Internet Marketing Goals for Every Business

1.   Create a cohesive and comprehensive social media plan that will bring real business results — a plan that can be automated for efficiency and can be tracked for effectiveness.

(For more help with creating such a plan, check out Thumbonomics: The Essential Business Roadmap for Social Media & Mobile Marketing.)

2.   Do that all important keyword research, finally determining just how your ideal clients online are searching for your goods and services. This is exactly what I will be doing with my students during my next 6-week SEO Webinar Series (starting April 3rd).

(Btw, a pay-per-click campaign is a great way to really test out those keywords and find out which ones bring traffic to your site, and which ones get the customers with the credit cards in hand. Join us to learn more!)

3.   Take those vital keywords and optimize your website, and every other online bit of content that you have, from blog posts to the descriptions on your YouTube channel.

(Although Google changes its algorithms regularly, classic keyword based search engine optimization never goes out of style.)

4.   Launch boldly into mobile marketing, creating a responsive mobile site that looks great on a tablet or phone, and take advantage of the ways customers are searching on the go.

(More and more people own smartphones or tablets, and are using them as “full service” computers on the go. Can they find you on a four inch screen?)

5.   Dominate the entire page of a Google search for your company, with your website, your blog, and your social media pages taking up every bit of that all-important real estate.

(Don’t you just hate when you Google your own company, and your competitors show up on the same page? Eliminate them from the page!!)

6.   Have a Findability Audit, look at what you are already doing online, and determine exactly how Google and your customers see your site.

(We can help! Let us prepare a customized internet marketing plan, implement it, or train your team in how to implement it yourselves. Contact us today for more information about the Findability Diagnostic Questionnaire and Audit.)

Why not pick just one of these goals and commit to it? Imagine what it will for your business when you put a plan in place!

Here’s to meeting all your internet marketing goals, and reaping the well-deserved rewards in terms of more traffic, more visibility, more engagement, and more real business.

Btw, my 6-week SEO webinar series starts in two weeks, so you still have time to join us and learn SEO basics to optimize your website! Sign up:

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