It’s Not Luck, It’s Good Planning – Do This One Thing!


Go buy yourself a green beer, but let’s not plan on needing luck for our online marketing strategy. You’ve got something so much better!

This month, we will be exploring some really practical, simple “do this one thing” approaches. Each week I will give you one simple tip or focus that you can go do that day and make a difference.

This week’s tip is all about photos. Photos are what brings your website alive to a client at first glance. The photos you choose can make a massive impact on how your site is seen, before they read a single word.

Are you prepared with the right ones?

Here’s how you find out… and what to do about it.


Google Images

Go to // and see what images come up for your company name or your name. The reason you see what you do is because these are named that word – i.e. HeatherLutze1.jpg

Here are some important things to consider when you see what comes up in the search:

– Are any of these images out of date, old or just strange? It might be time to clean house.

– Find three images on your site and change the names to how you want them found.

– Now upload the new images with its keyword and the alt text too.

– Wait a few weeks and Google yourself again. You will see your images front and center under your name or company name. Magic!


Professional Photographers

Having professional images on your site can make all the difference. A lot of people don’t think about this (that’s why you have me!) but wedding photographers are generally unemployed Monday – Thursday. Take advantage of that fact! This is a great time to hire them, while they’re off, to take professional photos for your site or blog.

Use or other resources such as to vet photographers. Make sure you see their work before hiring them to make sure that you like their style for your needs, by checking out their websites or asking for a link to their online portfolio.

Here are some examples of the shots I suggest working with a professional photographer on for your website:

– Backgrounds you can use in social media

– Photos with clients to build credibility

– Ask employees to gussy up and get their headshots taken

– Photos of products, files or anything that makes a good background

– Group photos with your team

Here is a web photo image planner with some ideas to get you on the right track. Even if you have to use your iPhone, any new accurate pictures are better than old photos! This is a link to a helpful list that you can keep as a photo planner if you are going to take new photos for your site.

Stay tuned for next week’s tip!


    1. Yes, make sure to pick a keyword theme for the page. Then name them keyword.jpg, keyword2.jpg keyword3.jpg and do not forget the keyword in the alt text as well. Good Luck.

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