Just Ask Me Already….

In life, I find that its very hard to see when you are looking out from the inside, while we’re trudging through the day to day tasks that pile up around us. The words and phrases we use on a daily basis are often not as obvious as you might think. We also guess wrong. So do this one thing – you have an untapped resource of VERY valuable information.

Your employees. They’re your front line. Ask your employees or call center workers what comes up day to day. They hear the “bitching, moans and complaints” that come out of your customers and prospects mouths. The front desk knows all the questions – “Do you do this?” “Can you help me with that?” and your sales people will know all the objections! Leverage that to your advantage.

Use THIS attached sheet. Sit down with your people and ask them what people ask for when they call. You can get some great keyword ideas from your own staff!

Let’s create a strong direction for your company’s journey. Call me today – you’ll be glad you did!

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