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Are you working hard to uncover keywords that will improve your Findability and SEO ranking? I have found one tool that is deceptively simple and completely free that will satisfy your investigative instincts. Let me introduce you to the site Recently, I spoke with founder, creator and CEO, Alessandro Martin from Milan, Italy, about how this amazing tool came to be.

Why Was Created?
Alessandro was inspired to provide an easy tool that would be an excellent source of keyword ideas. His goal was to leverage results from Google Suggest to create a massive list of keywords options and he has done that incredibly well.

Divulge the Secrets of Ubersuggest’s Success
Alessandro honestly explained the success of Ubersuggest was completely unexpected and is based on the simplicity of the tool. Wherever he travels, Martin meets people who express how grateful they are. The site is ideal for marketers wanting to generate lots of keywords and today’s highly competitive online marketing environment demands this kind of solution.

Reveal the Inner Workings of the Ubersuggest Tool
Just type your keyword into the query box, then click the ”suggest” button. The tool aggregates Google Suggest and provides a prolific list of possibilities that appears below on the same page. The list is segmented starting with the word or phrase you entered. The second grouping is your keyword with a space added.

The remaining sections are alphabetized as the tool adds a letter after your query to bring up a wide range of suggestions built on the word you started with. As keyword tools go, this is AMAZINGLY SIMPLE, especially for the volume of results delivered.

The user chooses the keywords that appeal and checks them in the Google Keyword Planner Tool to understand how many people are searching with these terms and which ones will work best.

Who Should Gain Access to Ubersuggest and Use it Relentlessly?
The tool is very useful for small business owners and people who are not true digital marketing experts because it’s so uncomplicated, anyone can use it. But don’t be fooled, skilled SEO experts also rely on this hard-working tool.

What Other Detective Work Can Ubersuggest Offer?
There are three additional reasons to work with the tool beyond keyword generation:

1. Brainstorm content ideas. One of the most popular ways to take advantage of the tool is by using it to brainstorm content ideas. Enter your keyword and the tool will show you what searchers want, providing loads of topics.

2. Identify negative keywords. If you run Google Ad campaigns, figuring out which keywords to exclude is an essential step. There will always be words which you don’t want to trigger your ad. Discovering them is another great reason to visit

3. Track brand or personal reputation. If you need to manage your brand or reputation online, Ubersuggest can help track this. Users can see what Google suggests to understand current trends of how people are searching for the brand.

Name Ubersuggest’s Advantage in the World of Keyword Tools
All the keywords provided are “real” keywords. They are not made up or fabricated. Some services just make up combinations but they are not necessarily true keywords with valid search history. People actually search for the keywords Alessandro’s tool offers.

Disclose Improvements Users Can Anticipate
Alessandro is working on several improvements for Ubersuggest. He is considering a subscriber based option via RSS feed to receive keyword updates based on how keyword suggestions change. Plans to launch a new advanced version are scheduled for this fall to provide an even more useful tool. Frankly, I’m uber excited to put it to the test.


  1. In all of the good keyword research guides, i’ve seen ubersuggest is highly recommended for use
    am using the steps in that guides
    which advice to use ubersuggest with a tool called soovle and ofc the related search section on google itself
    I wanted to know more about how ubgersuggest go,, thanks for the great article

    1. Of course, keep following my emails and blogs and let me know of any other of your favorite tools. I am looking for a free hashtag finder as well.

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