Kickass Design Secrets to Massively Increase Traffic!


There are so many amazing tactics and tips on how to make a gorgeous, findable homepage. We are going to talk about the biggest common mistakes that people make in website design and how to make it beautiful and findable at the same time.

Today, I want to talk about website design tips and the 3 biggest mistakes that website designers and business owners make. 

Logo in the top left corner

The first one is always the logo in the top left corner. So, if you guys have looked at websites,  you see that the website is always in the left corner here, right? Because we in the English-speaking, English-reading world; we start at the left and we go to the right and then our eyes stop. 

Don’t put the logo in the middle because you’re bored with how your website looks. You always want it on the left hand side. There’s a reason for that. Because we read that way. Number one mistake, don’t touch the logo. Leave it in the left-hand corner. 

B-A Phone Number

The number one I like to call B-A phone number or big ass phone number. B-A phone number, okay? And what I mean by that is do not make the phone number a scavenger hunt. Have you ever been to a website and you had like there’s no phone number and you’re looking and you’re looking and then you have to go to the footer and it’s like in 6 point font? 

That’s not very easy for people to find you and call you. And at the end of the day isn’t that why we’re doing this is to get phone calls. So, make sure you have a big-ass phone number. In the Far, member, logos on the left. 

We’re coming all the way over, we’re stopping, it’s called an eye rest. That’s where the phone number should be. 

Social media icons

Here’s anti-social media, put it in the footer. Social media is right next to our B-A phone number, okay? I want to make sure that if I’m going to call you… Maybe I’m not ready to call you, maybe I just want to follow you on social media. 

Make it easy for me to find your social media icons. 

Globally Responsive

Another thing is to make sure that wherever you end up designing that is globally responsive. Now, what that means is you are friendly. Mobile-ee friendly. Over 40% of all searchers are coming to Google via mobile devices. 

We already know this. When’s the last time you googled? I asked audiences all over the country, “When’s the last time you googled something?” And everyone’s like, “Today or yesterday?” 

So, have you ever pulled up your website on your smartphone? It is a very interesting education. It should nicely collapse on itself and then as you scroll down, it should look nice and neat. Not be a smaller version of what you already have. 

Remember, Google’s not going to rank websites that don’t have these specific elements. Especially mobile-friendly, that’s very important. 

I can take it on a desktop then I can move it to an iPad then I can move it to a smartphone and it looks fantastic. So, these are some of the biggest mistakes. Logo in the left corner, don’t move it. Big ass phone number all the way to the right of the homepage. Social media, right underneath the phone number, and finally, make sure that bad boy is friendly. If you go into 

Type “Google mobile test“. Google has a wonderful tool.  You put your domain name in there and it will get it right for the horse’s mouth known as Google and it will tell you if your website is friendly and if there are any improvements you can make. 

Hopefully, this will give you a quick cheat sheet. When you’re thinking about redesigning your website or you’re sitting down and you’re talking with the web designer about how you’re going to reiterate and refresh your website, don’t break the rules. 

Stick to those essential design tips that every visitor to your website is going to expect. Don’t break those rules or it breaks our brain and then we just go to the next competitor in Google search.

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