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Social Media Marketing is fast becoming a successful and essential weapon in our Internet Marketing arsenal. Once our clients have really mastered their Pay Per Click and SEO accounts, it’s time to really get to work to make sure they are (1) dominating the Search Engine under their core keywords and (2) using platforms such as a blog to continually target new keywords.

For example, take Ace Kids Chore Chart Company Goalforit!. Goalforit has revolutionized creating a Daily Chore Chart for kids and adults alike, making it fun to set goals and check off lists. Visit their website at After running a Pay Per Click account, we have a great idea of what keywords work for this company online. Once we have this information, we take it to our keyword tool to run some options for blogs-

Here are some keywords we found (including the number of searches per month):

-Kids Chore Chart (4,400)

-Kids Chore Chart template (58)

-Kids Daily Chore Chart (73)

-Kids incentive chart (91)

-Chore Chart Software (58)

As an Internet Marketing company, it’s tempting to look at that 4,400 searches a month for Kids Chore Chart and strategically optimize for that word- that gets more searches than the other 4 words combined! However, because the other search terms are searched less each month, competition for those spots is not as fierce, which makes it easier for us to come in and really dominate those words.  As such, we strategically optimize a post with a word like “Kids Daily Chore Chart” to get in the first few pages of the search engine.

And the great thing about blogging? We don’t actually have to chose, we can create 5 separate blog posts with unique content to target all 5 of these keyword strings. With SEO your website is tied to the core keywords you are optimizing for, but with a blog the sky is the limit!

By Heather Lutze
Internet Marketing Consultant, Speaker, Trainer
Lutze Consulting

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