Laura Lewis
Findability Certified Faculty

Motto: I’m the Smiling Task Master
Life Motto: “If you want to be happy, be.” – Leo Tolstoy
Fav Movie: The Notebook (cliche I know but who doesn’t love a good love story?)
Fav Food: Lasagna.
Fav Drink: A glass of sweet pinot grigio on a warm summer’s day, or a glass of merlot to take the chill off a winter’s one.

Laura Lewis took her love of marketing and began focusing on internet marketing and SEO.

Laura has been trained through the Findability University SEO Program and has a background in Marketing and social media. She has worked directly with Findability Founder Heather Lutze over the past several years to improve clients’ website rankings and get results.

Laura spent most of her career in event planning and marketing working for various non-profits focused on children’s issues. She has her BS in Marketing from Oakland University.