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By Heather Lutze, Owner/Founder – Lutze Consulting LLC

It has been my great privilege to be a featured speaker at PPC Summit events across the US in 2007. After our first two successful events in Chicago and New York, PPC Summit is going strong with two more events in Los Angeles on September 24 and 25 and our final event of 2007 in November in San Francisco. Most of the podcast interviews you are listening to are recorded live a these Pay Per Click Workshop events. This purely education event is unique event in that is gives PPC advertisers an venue to sharpen their paid search skills as well as network with other PPC advertisers. As a lead trainer, I teach the “Tools You Can Use” workshop, “Introduction to Paid Search Marketing” workshop and the “Meet the Engines: Yahoo! Search Marketing” workshop and moderate a Business to Business Panel discussion group.

An interesting forum post I found recently spoke of the differences between SES and PPC Summit. Let’s just say SES (Search Engine Strategies Conference) leads you to a buffet when you are hungry, but only let’s you smell the feast. PPC Summit gives you the food and tells you how to eat it, one course at a time. SES is well known for posing interesting topics and philosophical internet marketing concepts and “oh here is my card, give me a call if you want to know more” strategy. They want you to get excited about what you are hearing and then call the speaker to hire them for their services. PPC Summit events offer the attendees real educational workshops that you can take back to your office for immediate implementation. All the speakers at the PPC Summit events are working in the PPC space and work with clients everyday to tackle PPC challenges. These presenters are given specific instruction to NOT self-promote, they are asked to “train” not “sell”. This is the very fundamental difference in these two events.

PPC Summits are designed as How To workshops that teach you how to better manage your PPC campaigns. The focus is solidly on advertiser education: how to spend less money, more effectively, with better results.

Summit Description

In these interactive, two day summits, you will be introduced to strategies and skills that are the foundation of successful pay per click marketing.

PPC Summits are designed to help you and the people at your firm become the savvy search engine advertisers you know you must be in order to maximize your pay per click opportunities, out perform your competitors, and build your business.

These Summits are designed for people who are active learners and want to know EVERYTHING about pay per click marketing

Who Should Attend Webmasters, Website Owners, Web Marketers, Search Engine Marketers, Internet Consultants and Strategists, CEOs, CMOs, Marketing Execs, Brand Managers, Ad Execs, AMs and AEs, Media Directors, Buyers, Planners, Product Managers, Solution Providers, Creative Directors, Etailers, Retailers, Manufacturers, Lead Generators, Affiliates etc.

Our next event is coming up in Los Angeles, CA on September 24th and 25th, 2007.

Held at the elegant Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza!

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