Marketing Speaker or Internet Marketing Speaker – A Search Marketer’s Confession

By Heather Lutze
Consultant, Speaker, Trainer
Lutze Consulting

For years I have been telling people to focus on their keywords and how their prospects search. I have been applying what I call “Path to Purchase” strategies that get you found on search results. Well, I am embarrassed to say, I have not been following my own methods. I have been pouring my efforts into being found under “Internet Marketing Speaker” for about the last six months. I went and did some more research and I found that only about 480 searches per month take place under the keyword term “internet marketing speaker”. So I did a bit of digging. By using keyword research tools like Google External Keyword Tool and, I came up with some better keywords that are more likely to be searched in a given month. The keyword “Marketing Speaker” has over 1300 searches per month. Almost three times the searches then “Internet Marketing speaker”. I felt a moment of real emarrassment.

Why was I so attached my own “EGO KEYWORD”?

I was so convinced that was how a meeting planner or event manager would search for my speaking topics, but was I wrong? Ego keywords as referenced in my book The Findablity Formula: Easy, Non-Technical Guide to Search Engine Marketing was that we get so wrapped up in our own self “internet” image of ourselves that we are not connecting with our REAL internet searches and when  are they ready to contact me. I have danced around the search results under “internet marketing speaker” and have not received a lot of high value searches. So I have changed my vision. I am already on the 2nd page of search results under “Marketing Speaker”. With a bit of re-focused effort and some serious thinking about my own business, maybe my own campaigns will benefit from ME applying what I teach business owners everyday.  See the cobblers children indeed do not have shoes without holes! With egg on my face, I am not going back and rethinking my entire keyword stratedgies. Once again I am reinventing myself as a business owner and everytime i feel the pain.

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