Welcome to the first Podcast


Welcome to our first podcast. Let me introduce myself. My name is Heather Lutze and I am the owner / founder of Lutze Consulting LLC for the past eight years. It has been my pleasure to have worked with Pay Per Click and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) clients to help them gain greater exposure on the internet through search engines. With this ever changing medium, it has been my great challenge to keep up with all the Paid Search and SEO techniques so that clients and visitors to my web site can stay abreast of the current issues in the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) space.

Through this blog and the associated podcasts, I hope to interview both advertisers currently marketing in the Pay Per Click and SEO space as well as the service providers who give us the tools to do our jobs most effectively. By understanding the daily challenges that advertisers face everyday is essential for me as an SEM consultant. I hope to profile these issues in the PPC / SEO space and give visitors useful tools and best practices to win.

After training for Yahoo! Search Marketing to over 1500 advertisers in 2006 and being a lead trainer at the PPC Summits (ppcsummit.com) events in 2007, I have heard so many problems, issues and successes advertisers have had in the Paid Search arena. My objective with this blog and the podcasts is to give other advertisers and business owners a resource by which they can reference and grow their paid search expertise.

Thank you again to all of you who have supported my consulting business, to my employees who work so hard to gain success for our advertisers and all the amazing attendees at the training events I have had the pleasure of meeting. This has inspired me to start on my podcasting journey. Enjoy!

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