Carleen Clearwater

Owner | Kickass Marketing and Creative Publisher | The About Pages

Motto: “Always have a free hand for the bubbly.”

In order to kick ass, you gotta surround yourself with kickass people.

Fav Movie: Damn that’s tough cuz there’s so many – but top 3 are Wonder Woman, Star is Born, Commando
Fav Food: McDonald’s fries & fountain coke
Fav Drink: Vanilla Latte with Coconut Milk, Lemon Water

Carleen Clearwater Road to Success

My professional journey has been a collage of working for theatres, nonprofits, agencies, restaurant groups, local businesses, and two media groups. They were all awesome grinders and gave me perspective of different sides of the industry. I have wrangled and crafted creative and marketing strategies for a 15 multi-media brand portfolio and worked with 1000s of advertising clients and 100s of nonprofits from every end of the business spectrum. Super fancy titles that fill up my resume are Creative Director/The Gazette, President/AAF Colorado Springs, and VP Conference/AMA Colorado. Rockin’ more than 20 years’ experience of putting butts in the seats for businesses and multimedia publishing companies, I kicked open the doors for my own business in January 2011– Kickass Marketing and Creative. My focus is on B2B, B2C multimedia marketing strategies and all of the assets you need to put rubber to the road.

In April 2017, I took the reigns as Publisher of The About Pages (formerly The Review) which has been Colorado’s #1 Advertising and Marketing industry magazine for almost 50 years. As a passion project for myself and Kickass Marketing it is completely in line with my mission to connect people. To connect people, or people to brands, or people to products or events – whatever. Why? Simply because, it’s awesome and fun. And together we are bigger and better than ourselves. Together we kick ass.

Every day all day I jam with get down to the nitty gritty tactics and projects with challenging budgets. As a passion infuser that can light a fire under any sales force or marketing team, I bring to the table actionable ideas and simple, yet sophisticated strategies that all go after revenue or reach. All the bullets on my resume have a created a marketing monster that loves to look at a client’s business with a 360 perspective and parachute in to guide, shape, coach, protect, and nudge (ok push) their teams to CAPTURE> CONNECT> KICKASS.