Rebecca Metz

Certified Findability Strategist

Motto: “The City of Happiness Resides in the State of Mind”

Fav Movie: Once
Fav Food: Indian
Fav Drink: Craft Beer

Owner of website design and development company Web Pages That Sell, Rebecca adores managing an international team that creates websites and social media strategies for business owners like you!

Rebecca is a born teacher:

She has worked as a counselor, taught English in Japan, and spent her corporate life as a training manager. She is always delighted to show people the ropes about, well, anything!

We’re not just building something for you. We’re building something with you!

Years ago, Rebecca realized something profound…

She stood, astonished, in a room full of powerful business-owners at a networking event. These people were dedicated, driven, and this close to reaching the top of their game, but they kept missing the mark when it came time to get their brands out. Their web presences were incomplete at best and non-existent at worst—after all, the online world can be an overwhelming place to establish yourself.

From that moment, an idea was born, and the trajectory of her career changed dramatically.

Hashing away for months, she created a system that would allow businesses to get their magic online easily. You can make a difference in the lives of your clients and customers…and it all starts with a fantastic website.