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We put the power back in the businesses hands, where it should always have been. Whether the delivery is a keynote, a breakout, or bootcamp, I speak in an easy, entertaining way to bring them into the fold of the search marketing world. My easy, non-technical approach delivers:

  •  The right tools to create a truly Findable online presence
  •  The “street” language of your ideal customers
  •  The intelligence tools to “spy” on your competitors
  •  The tools and tips to a findable social media presence

Think differently. Your members are smart and scrappy. Their teams are ready to learn. Empower your members, attendees and support staff to learn the online marketing essentials to grow their businesses to new heights.

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“I had the pleasure of working with Heather at HR Summit & Expo Asia 2017. Heather was one of our Plenary speakers whom the crowd found to be very engaging and a speaker who presents with passion and humour. She clearly knows her subject matter very well and is able to communicate her knowledge to the audience in a very articulate, informative and concise manner. She not only gives you a basic understanding of SEO and how you as an individual can support your organisation through this platform, but also the tools you need to power ahead with your organisation’s visibility in the market all whole leaving you inspired to take action. She was a delight to work with and as the lead of an event management team I can safely say that she made our job very easy.”

If you are looking for an informative speaker who has mastered the subject of search engine optimisation, make sure you reach out to Heather!

Emma Dean

Event Director

“We gave Heather a group of business owners and a good Internet connection, and she gave us an eye-opening, thought-provoking presentation on the essential need for reliable online intelligence. After her presentation, the buzz in the room was palpable and discussion was robust, as all of our attendees learned new, actionable strategies. We liked her so much we had her back a few years later!”  

— Dan Marx, Specialty Graphic Imaging Association

“It’s my pleasure to congratulate you for the success of your session at the AdVenture Marketing Conference at the Wyndham Chicago. It was definitely a highlight of our meeting. A participant remarked that your session was, “Excellent information—cleared up a lot of questions I had about SEO.” The average overall rating for your session was an impressive 4.9 on a 5.0 scale.”

Becky Burgess, CMP, CMM
Sr. Director of Meetings & Conferences, National Assn. of Electrical Distributors

“We had the pleasure of having you present as our guest speaker in a very interesting webinar based on the concepts you illustrated in your insightful new book, Thumbonomics. Your command of the subject matter, the excitement you project through your delivery, ensured we had an attentive and engaged audience. The event was well attended “live” and we are experiencing significant downloads of the archive. It would be our pleasure to have you join us again in the near future.”

Leslie Reiser
Program Director, IBM WW Digital Marketing Information Technology and Services

“Heather Lutze was terrific at our AADPA annual meeting. Her presentation on website optimization and social networking was a highlight of our meeting. Her reviews were all ’10’s.’ I would recommend her without hesitation.”

James H Reisman DDS FAGD FICD
Chairman of American Academy of Dental Practice Administration

“I first saw Heather speak at a Vistage International conference in Chicago. This woman is a powerhouse! Heather’s speaking style captures your attention fully, taking a subject that seems kind of dry and turning it into something juicy and exciting. Her information is all practical, real world, and understandable. She gave me the big picture of what internet marketing could really do for Parelli in a way I just couldn’t ignore. If you have the opportunity to hear her give a keynote or present a workshop, do your business a favor and don’t miss it.”

Mark J. Weiler
Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship, Inc.

“Thank you for participating in this year’s Business Leadership Series at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. I’ve received “glowing” feedback from attendees of your sessions, many of whom consider it the best social networking education session they’ve ever attended. Even better, they’ve retained and digested the key learnings you shared, and have immediately gone back to their business enterprises to implement the tactics.”

Elizabeth J. Reed
Director Industry Development
PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions

“It was such a pleasure to have you speak at our KOA convention in Houston, TX. The general session was attended by over 500 people. We were taking on a new subject with our group—Social Media—and you made it simple and easy to understand. The group was very diverse in their dealings with social media—from beginners to advanced users. You made it understandable and useful for the entire audience. You certainly know your subject well and have great expertise in all things ‘online’.”

Lori Regele
Assistant Vice President
Franchisee Services

“Thank you for presenting at the 2010 SPIRE meeting. To say that your program was a big hit would be an understatement. We’ve received more positive feedback from your presentation than any other I can remember at a SPIRE meeting. You did a great job of explaining how social media can have a positive effect on the bottom-line. Your presentation was clear, focused and you had obviously done your homework.”

Michael E. Robertson
President & CEO
Specialty Graphic Imaging Association

“Heather Lutze provided the best presentation I have ever observed regarding social media and unleashing the full power of online marketing. But more importantly, beyond her presentation she is a professional of the highest caliber with impeccable integrity and an infectious attitude. I cannot overstate the impact she will have on your business. My highest personal endorsement of her work.”

Pete Sciabarra
Vice President of Operations at Vistage International