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I have some really easy, simple, fun, image editing tools that are going to blow your mind. They’re amazing, stay tuned. We’re headed into another trifecta of free tools. I just love free tools. 

Today, we’re going to look at creating easy, gorgeous, and even animated images that you can use on your social platforms, your website, and your blogs. 


It’s all these photographers who get together and say, “Look, we know that people are going to take photos off the web. But we want to make sure that we get attribution.” They upload all their photos and anytime you grab it, you just have to agree to give them attribution to it.

Now, the thing about these kinds of sites is you really want to put in the emotive response that you want to get out of the photos. If it’s joy or happiness or efficiency or productivity, don’t just put it like a red balloon unless you really that’s something you really want to use.

RIPL makes animated images in a flash. So, check this out: When you come to RIPL, you’re going to select this start post from scratch. Now, it has these automatic animations that are already built-in. 

All you have to do is go in as your text, add your graphics and now you have an animated gif that you can post anywhere. So, the animation, the movement increased the click-through rate considerably. Anything that has a little bit of movement to it is going to be more eye-catching and connect.

Ripl does an amazing job when it comes to creating animations and stunning images. You can save it in full HD video or as a standard video. Another cool thing about RIPL is that it will let you create gorgeous, animated images. And let me repeat this again, RIPL is totally free. Cool!

When you are creating stunning images for your online presence, infographics are definitely on the list. Infographic is a visual image to represent a chart or diagram. It’s like 15 steps to life engagement or life enrichment or all kinds of step by step. People love a step-by-step guide. 

Infographics are something that is very, very expensive to create. Because there are so many moving pieces. When you create infographics using Venggage it makes it a lot easier because of the templates that are ready to use. You just need to put your data and arrange them based on how you wanted it. 

In about 5 minutes you can publish it. Now, I’ve got this gorgeous infographic that’s ready to share. People love infographics. A step-by-step guide, a cheat sheet, a quick list, and ninja tips. I mean think of anything that is going to give your audience the shortcuts. This tool is also free and they have a higher pro version that you might want to consider. 

Whoo! I love a good image tool especially if it’s on my smartphone and on my laptop. You too could create amazing images without hiring a huge crew to make you look amazing. You can make yourself look amazing. 

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