NSA Colorado Meeting – Laura Stack & Ford Saeks in the Hot Seat

SItting in NSA meeting hearing Ford Saeks talk about marketing and internet marketing stratedgies. It is so refreshing to hear an approach that I firmly believe in and hear it from someone else in my field. He “gets” it!

As a fairly new speaker to my space, I understand the common frusrations of speakers and trying to get infront of the right customers when they are ready to buy.  http://www.ProfitRichResults.com and Ford Saeks is a competitor of mine but I have to say I like his style and his approach. Not every SEM (Search EngineMarketing) firm is the right fit and you should know your options.  Laura Stack, http://www.theProductivity Pro,  gave us get ideas and gagets that make you more productive and help you to get more work done everyday. She is a great speaker and I learned a bunch of new ideas that I can implement right away.

Takeaway Ideas:

Expertclick.com  – Build your Credibility
Aweber.com – Double Opt-In LIst Builder
podbean.com – Great podcast posting site

If you are interested in becoming a speaker, I suggest you consider  joining National Speakers Association http://www.nsacolorado.com. This group has been mind blowing and has forever changed my vision of my career as a speaker. If you are ready to take the next steps in becoming a speaker, you MUST join this group.

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