Your Online Marketing Strategies Can Make or Break You!

If you want something done you have to do it yourself, and this is absolutely true when it comes to Online Marketing Strategies.

What Is SEO?

Snake Oil? Smoke and Mirrors? Techies that speak over my head?

Our mission at Findability University is to open the kimono and show you all the things that your agency never knew how to show you. We have spent the last 15 years demystifying the findability process to make sure you know what is important.

Your standard SEO headaches might include:
  • You wish to improve the visibility of your website, but you seem stuck.
  • Your marketing team or agency keep reassuring you, but your competitors seem to be more Findable online than you are.
  • You get these HUGE reports from your agency or designer saying how great you are ranking but you are not seeing any results in sales on your site.

I say it’s time to STOP leaving SEO and your online marketing plan in the hands of others and START truly understanding how it all works.

It’s Not Our First Rodeo

I understand how creating a website that works without spending the next four years getting an IT degree seems impossible.

I also understand the urge to leave your online presence to the trained professionals, and that’s fine til you figure out that its not moving the needle for your business. However, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. I started Lutze Consulting in 2000 as a direct response to the pain I witnessed as business owners struggled to understand why their sites and online marketing strategies didn’t perform.

This experience led me to create the Findability Formula, an easy, non-technical approach, focused on best practices that consistently yield great search results. This approach is HUMAN focused NOT Robot focused. When you connect with the human, you also get the love from the robot.

My current mission is to put an end to underperforming websites by educating business owners and marketing teams about creating a findable online presence.

Online Marketing Strategies and Findability

The Findability method works for small and large companies and can be applied to:

Placing Your Website Above Your Competition 

In today’s world the purpose of your website isn’t talking about you or the company. The game has changed and becoming Findable means running a website that is a valuable resource with real solutions.

Creating Findable Social Media Presence 

Even if you don’t personally use social media, you cannot let your own behavior and beliefs influence your online marketing strategies. We MUST be everywhere the prospects are and not just where we feel comfortable.

Delivering Quality Blog Posts That Presents True Value 

The “best of the best” WILL have great content, WILL have social engagement, and WILL have a regular blogging schedule. If not, you are an “out-of-date” company, lacking relevance and connection with your community.

Content Marketing 

Dig into the online marketing strategies of your competitors. Building your online presence will empower you to reach as many of your target audience as possible.

Online Marketing Strategies For Small Business Owners 

Remember, they WANT to find YOU, but haven’t yet visited your site.

Our Improved Online Marketing Strategy Definition

According to most definitions, Online Marketing is “a set of powerful tools and methodologies/strategies used for promoting products and services through the internet.”

While me and my team strongly agree, we also must add a much wider perspective. One perspective that was reached after many years of focused work and training:

The simple truth is, in order to achieve online success, you need to know how to set-up and use those “powerful” tools. Otherwise, if your company’s online marketing strategy is not set-up optimally your website is more like an unconscionable foe working against you, limiting leads, minimizing sales and delivering sluggish business results.

Use the Findability Method and you can rank above your competition in 3 simple steps:


The Spying

You become informed by using industry tools that analyze your competition.

The Revelation

After analyzing strategies that work you understand how your prospects search the web.


Based on these findings you put together your own strategy to stand out on the Internet and attract customers who are ready to buy.

Most Common Downfalls of Online Marketing “Strategists”

We all make mistakes, it is human nature. The trick is to learn from our failed online marketing strategies, stop throwing money on ranking agencies, and grow, as your online presence grows with you.

While there isn’t a single Online Marketing Strategy Template that you can follow to reach success, there are certain online marketing Myths that stand between you and success:


Online Marketing Strategies Myth #1

“Having a beautiful website will attract my ideal clients!”

The truth:Your Beautiful website also needs to become Findable or reach as many potential clients as possible. Companies keep redesigning based on boredom, rather than specific business objectives and outcomes. This is the exact business behavior I hope to shift.


Online Marketing Strategies Myth #2

“We don’t need to be on THAT social platform!”

Mobile and social media engagements are now part of the online marketing landscape and cannot be ignored. Keep in mind that the searcher chooses the method they use to find you. This is NOT the personal opinion of the business owner.


Online Marketing Strategies Myth #3

“The website is about me and my team!!!”

Your prospects are desperately searching for a particular product or an answer to a question. They search on Google and click on a site that looks relevant.

Instead of finding what they need, they get tons of details about how the company was founded and is run by a hardworking husband-and-wife team with an adorable rescue beagle.

Within 3.75 seconds, they’re back on the Google search results page, clicking to the next site.

Let’s change this forever and build a Findable and Dynamic Online Presence.

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