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Website photos are a game-changer for conversions on your website. We’re going to talk about how to get the best videos that convert the most customers today. 

There’s going to be a certain part of your website redesign that’s going to require photos, and I find there are some very common issues that business owners make time and time again with getting photography for their website. 

The biggest mistake I see that business owners make in photography for their site is what I call ghost town photos. Photos that are empty rooms, empty conference rooms, empty reception areas. No one’s there, no one works there. 

When you take photos, you want to make sure that you have people in them. People in the work room, at the reception desk, people in their cubicles, and in the conference room. Don’t post a bunch of empty pictures. Not only is that boring as all get-out, it sends the wrong message when someone is looking to work with.

My PRO tip for you is to make sure that it especially for candidates who might work there, they want to see that it’s a vibrant workplace. They want to go in and say, “Okay, yeah. This looks like a cool place to work.” So, you’ll notice that the pictures that have people in it, have a lot more credibility. 

Don’t use photos like that that are clearly a stock photography shot. Don’t use that. Use something even if it’s not the greatest picture on the planet, I will take a picture like that over an empty office any day of the week. 

Here’s a list for all the kinds of photography you should think about taking. 

The first one is going to be a group shot and then individual shots of each of your employees. Give them a heads up and hire a makeup person to come in and do makeup. Let’s make sure everyone knows how they’re supposed to dress whether it be business attire or maybe you have a logoed shirt. But make sure everyone is dressed up, take a group shot and then individual headshots, very important.

The next one is the front counter or reception area. Make sure you get some beautiful flowers. Make sure you get to know a coffee station or something that’s going to make that look very, very inviting and warm. The next one’s going to mimic the customer experience. 

Take photos of customers with employees, consultants, smiling and happy clients. Then of course you want to go outside. Take a picture of your entire team in front of the building, if you have a building or take it out in the field when you’re out working with clients. 

I have a client called rubba-dub– plumbing. Their genius because they were having no luck. I think they named their company. I can’t remember something like Tyler Texas Plumbing which is good for findability, but not good for marketing. 

They rebranded their entire company as rub-a-dub Plumbing and all of their trucks are bright yellow duck yellow. They have those little tiny rubber ducks that you put in the bathtub and as they’re plumbers go out to different locations, they take photos with the duck. 

Faux ducks on the toilet, the Ducks down by the sink and it’s a genius marketing campaign. But what they’ve learned is that their pictures speak volumes. So, go to  and you’ll see they have all the yellow trucks lined up right in front of the… Right in front of the office and everyone’s in their best dress… 

Their best dress shirts and this has been transformative for their business. So, here you’ll see we’ve got all of them. They’re all in front so get all those trucks all lined up. So that they look… Looks great and everyone’s smiling. 

There’s the owner, we’ve got his shirt on. He’s ready to go, ready to help you. And then of course there’s a video. Yes, they even have a duck costume that they have to go and visit client sites. I know it sounds easy but it really really does work and then of course, their logo also has the rubber duck in it. 

Now you know something that’s relatively boring like plumbing has now something that’s cute. They leave ducks for the entire family on the counter with their thank-you note. It’s just thinking about how you can take something that is long and pretty boring and turn it into something that’s really interesting. 

We want to do it outside our facility of course. Specific products that you want to feature on the website. If you have a signature product, you have a signature something, make sure you get the photographer to take those pictures while they’re there.

A coffee tea reception area. People always want to know they’re not going to be sitting in the reception area since the dawn of time. So, if you have a service based industry where people have to wait. Make sure that looks very, very entertaining. 

Anything you could do to make that look like an okay place to hang out while you wait. And then of course if you have training rooms or a work area like a cubicle or you have a training room or a conference room. 

Make sure you put people in there. Get dynamite shots of them in their workspace, because remember, people are going to go to your website if they’re thinking about working for your company too. You want to make sure that everything looks good and show that it feels great working there. 

Not just people that are going to work with you and some other ideas are get some good shots. So, think about a 1/4 3/4 layout. So, if I’m looking at a banner that goes like this. Think about this part as 1/4 and this part is the 3/4.  What that does is it gives you a place to have an image on one side and then text on the other.Let me show you an example. I’m going to show you some 3/4 1/4 layouts. I’m going to show you a perfect example of this. 

You’ll see that I’m over on the far right, I’m holding my sign and then the far left is just the background space and that gives me an area where I can put text. I could put boxes and I could schedule a findability review. 

When you’re working with your photographer, make sure you’re thinking about the landscape. As opposed to portraits, we’re thinking landscape. So that I can use those for Facebook banners, I can use them for YouTube banners for those big sweeping sliders on my website. 

Make sure to hire a good photographer. Spending a little money will go a long, long way. Sit down and talk with your photographer about your vision for the website and what kinds of photos are in that 3/4, 1/4 layout that you can use not only for your website but all of your social media. Because we will make a split decision on whether we trust you like you and ultimen to work with you based on what those images look like. 

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Here is the download of the Photography Checklist


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