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Mary Foley

Mary helps women take control and break the glass ceiling that are holding them back, she decided to take what she learned from the retreats and being a part of the original Findability Master Mind, and working with Heather she took the reigns and changed the trajectory of her business,

Her Road to Findability

  1. Had a conversation with Heather, saw her Present at NSA and Registered for the Las Vegas Findabilty Accelerate Retreat.
  2. Joined The Master Mind and worked with Heather on getting her website back on track and helped her get Found.
  3. Heather helped her find her ideal customer
  4. Helped her create her customer journey map and her assessment.
  5. She attended our San Diego Retreat and sharpened her skills.
  6. She has said that Findability has been a “Game Changer” For Her business
  7. Her business has exploded and she is now doing the retreat model for Women Entrepreneurs, as well.

She took the Customer Journey Map and made it her own, here is the image below..

Mary Foley is a business coach who helps empower women entrepreneurs.

“Here’s the thing, when I attended the Findability Retreats I learned so much and it was non techy, just a formula to help my business, I took the Customer Journey Map and made it my own and it has been a Game Changer, hands down”- Mary Foley

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