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This was the keyword research that was done when we did their workshop have to love sticky notes and sharpies, but it got done and the rest is history.

Aaron and his Marketing Manager Alex Trueba sent this email to their team-

Hello Team!

It is my pleasure to announce that we FINALLY got our best Keyword back! Fancy Toothpicks is now racking number 1 on Google results for Pick On Us!, Since the migration ( when we lost the Keyword ranking), Wal-Mart took down Etsy, which used to be number 2 and then number 1 When we lost the position, But now we are back in the first page even over Wal-Mart, We are the First organic result!  How cool is that?

And What it is even more amazing is that our Beloved Custom Picks are now literally DOMINATING Google’s First Page!, This keyword was also affected by the migration, we were pushed down to somewhere on page two ( where nobody ever looks ), but we came back stronger than ever and now we dominate organic results, Pick On Us results are all over Google's number 1 page for “ Custom Toothpicks “ keyword!

You can visit their website: https://www.pickonus.com/


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