Say Cheese…Photographs Are Key To A Great Website

I completely understand why most website owners would be tempted to use stock photography to make things easier.

But you really want to be unique and creative with your images, if you wish to draw attention.

My advice to you: “Just say no to stock photography.”

If you’re looking for ideas for great images for your blog, think versatility:

– Background images: you could include nature shots, a busy street, the view from your apartment, depending on your momentary need;

– Staged shots: with signature items like books, a notepad with a pen and coffee on the side;

– Electronics: Computers, cell phones or iPads;

When preparing the layout think 3/4 1/4. We need to leave room for our developers to place text and calls to action. 

So take a look at the 3 steps of my creative process:

Step No.1 For my background images I used the atmosphere of a café: 

Step No.2 Your landscape images don’t need to be filled with too much noise, think less is more:

Step No.3 Finally you’ll need to get your headshots, and customer photos as well.

My favorite local clients loved the idea of a writing messages on a dry erase board. The look we got turned out quite well. It’s all about the personal touch: 

Now that we have our videos, our photos, and our logos – We are ready to hire a web designer.

Make sure you check your inbox next week, to find out how the path to a great website unravels.

If you have missed the last two blogs in this series, here are the links:

Till next week,

Heather Lutze.

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