Sean Golliher


Motto: Do it now
Fav Movie: Full metal jacket
Fav Food: Shrimp tacos
Fav Drink: Moscow mule

Sean and his team help to position Findability clients through paid search for quick Findability and keyword testing.

Sean periodically teaches as an adjunct professor on the topic of search engines and search marketing at MSU and was a member of their computer science advisory board.

He completed coursework for his PhD in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence at MSU. He is also the current president of Metric PPC Inc. a company that specializes in paid search management.

Sean holds four engineering patents, has a B.S. in physics from the University of Washington in Seattle, and a master’s in electrical engineering from Washington State University. Sean was also honorably discharged from the Marine Corps reserves in 1998 after serving for six years.

He has appeared and been interviewed on well-known blogs and radio stations such as,, and SEM Synergy. He has also spoken, and moderated, at search engine strategies and semantic web conferences.

To maintain a competitive edge he reads search patents, papers, and attends search marketing conferences on a regular basis.