Search Party Podcast – Go App Crazy with Crystal Washington

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Here is the second of the 4 Search Party podcasts I promised, Crystal is a guru when it comes to Marketing and Apps to use for your business,a little background on Crystal…

Crystal is known for her ability to take complex Web and social media topics and make them easy to understand and accessible for everyday people and small business owners.

As the owner of CWM Enterprises and co-founder of Socialtunities, a social media instructional brand aimed at training everyone from Gen Y’s to Baby Boomers in strategically using social media, Crystal educates consumers on the practical aplications of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Now it is my pleasure to introduce you to Crystal Washington

Search Party Podcast with Heather Lutze- Crystal Washington

I really hope you are enjoying these podcasts as I said it is a labor of love, I just love interviewing these up and comers in Social Media.

You can learn more about Crystal by visiting her website

Next Week we will be featuring Corey Perlman

Also, listen to more of my podcasts by visiting my page..and clicking on the Podcast link below.


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