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Thanksgiving is one of those holidays I love the most. No presents, very little decorating but tons of quality time and great food.

I started thinking about all the ways that people search or find thanksgiving in their own way. So let’s take a look at how different social media sites measure up for Thanksgiving Dinner.  People search for information in many ways…via google search, Instagram, Pinterest and other favourite social platforms.

Google: What Does Thanksgiving Dinner Mean?
Well based on this predictive search results I think people want to go out, have it made for them or are looking for inspiration.

Thanksgiving Dinner in a Can? What?  Say What is this a genius version of a turducken? Sadly no, its a $30 dollar can of Dog Food Called “Thanksgiving Dinner in a can” for the spoiled pooch in your life.

Google Search Volume Words for “Thanksgiving Dinner”.
Hardcore home cooks looking for ideas and those who would rather eat out.

Pinterest Thanksgiving Dinner: What Pictures Say About Searchers!

Pictures do say a 1000 words and in the world of Pinterest dominated by women and an average search time of 30+ minutes, this is a powerful image-based search engine.  Family, Cartoon, Turkey, Clipart, Vintage and Southern. These are top of the mind for Pinterest searches: Thanksgiving Drinks, Vegan Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Desserts, Turkey Recipes, Sides and Appetizers. We have real cooks here looking to entertain and not have it delivered by UberEats.

And just because this is my blog, I want to share my favourite Thanksgiving Song.

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