SEO Case Study #1: SEO Epiphany! Blah, Blah, Blah

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Findability SEO Case Study 

Meet the perfect SEO Case Study Findability example in! Meet Terri Langhans, Certified Professional Speaker and effective communications expert. Terri decided to work with me after hearing me speak at her chapter’s National Speakers Association meeting. She started with the six-session webinar series, then hired me for private SEO coaching to improve her site’s Findability. While Terri has an extensive and successful career in marketing, she knew she was not up to speed on the web.

Working through the Findability process, Terri came to several important realizations. First she discovered her ideal clients were not looking for the keywords she expected which took her by surprise. In order to choose the best keywords, Terri had to spend a good deal of time figuring out exactly who she wanted to attract and what she wanted to be known for.

As a speaker she wanted to attract meeting planners and people who would book her for a program or event.  She also wanted to connect with people who would hire her to train their staff or help them communicate more effectively and make better presentations.

Terri said a light bulb went on while getting clear on her own marketing strategy. She too had to communicate what she has to offer more effectively. Suddenly, it became obvious Terri needed to start from scratch and completely revamp her site.

SEO Case Study: SEO Epiphany

Even though she had gotten loads of compliments on her original website, she finally realized the only people visiting were those who already knew her. New prospect couldn’t locate her in doing a search online and that was a huge problem. While she was promoting the end of blah communications, that was not immediately clear from her web address.

Terri needed a domain name that would attract new prospects and clients to expand her business and grow. It was time to choose a new url that wasn’t blah (which was her branding), but could help her get found on the web. The hard part was, Terri had to let go of her branding to some degree and rethink her url.

We did a whole lot of research, before Terri settled on effective marketing, effective presentations, and communicate effectively as her keywords. These phrases explain what she does and will help her show up in searches for these services. She wanted to make sure complete strangers could find her site and know exactly what she offers.Then she strategically chose a domain which also focused on what she does –

SEO case study example #1
Encourage Visitor Engagement

The next thing I helped Terri with was making sure she encouraged visitors to engage with her site. We strategized about what sorts of things her ideal clients need help with and developed three strong offers:

  1. Subscribe to her newsletter so she can build her list for marketing purposes
  2. Hire Terri as a speaker aimed at meeting planners
  3. Work with Terri as a consultant on communicating effectively

These three calls to action appear on every page so no matter where a visitor lands, they see choices for taking the next step. You want your site to be more than an electronic brochure! You want to engage with prospects and motivate them to get in touch and work with you. That’s how you generate leads and build business.

Here’s what Terri says about working with me and the Findability Webinar Series:

“The Findability Webinar Series should come with a warning. Side effects include creativity, capability and excitability that may result in more focus, impact, leads and revenue!”

How can we help you? Call us at 888-588-9326 and let’s talk about ways to improve your Findability. If you would like a copy of our SEO Case Study Guide, please email us at 

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