SEO Coaching Case Study: There Really Are Keywords for God!

SEO Coaching Case Study:
There Really Are Keywords for God!

This is a very special client story. I want to introduce my newest Findability and SEO coaching clients who are truly lovely. Their website is and they are the Order of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary. This deeply religious group wants to evolve to serve a much wider audience. They are ready to reach out beyond their Catholic community to help anyone who is seeking support in the form of prayer.

This is a private order consisting of priests and nuns who pray for eight hours every day. You can submit a prayer request whether you are Catholic or not. It doesn’t matter to them. Either way they will keep you in their prayers. Site visitors can submit a prayer request and there is an optional donation of just $1 to support their efforts, but this is not required.

To make this shift to a non-secular appeal, we need to look at how people turn to search engines to get answers for their questions. For me, even as a long-time SEO consultant and expert, this was an eye-opening experience.

I was raised by a single mom who was no longer welcomed at the Catholic Church when she got her divorce. Obviously this was quite a few years ago. So she didn’t raise me with any particular religious affiliation. My mom was a “bootstrap” kind of gal. So, I admit I have a lot to learn about religion in general. This could explain why I minored in religious studies in college. I did feel a bit lacking when it came to understanding religion and wanted to familiarize myself with how people relate to God.

Working with a group of clients who have such a pure and deeply spiritual objective, I am really looking forward to digging deeper into their Findability to help their cause. The more people who can find their website, the greater the number of people they can support with prayer, from a religious or simply spiritual perspective.

Check out these surprising keywords that I have discovered during my first brush at their SEO coaching. This is monthly search volume for these phrases:

Prayer                               135,000
Prayers for Healing      45,000
Prayers for Strength    12,500
Pray For Me                      5,400
Prayer Requests             4,400
Prayers for Help             2,400

This is going to be one of the most interesting journeys in Findability I’ve ever conducted and I am very excited to improve their online presence. Indeed, there are keywords for God. No kidding around, helping these incredibly giving people to expand their Findability with SEO coaching really is a blessing.

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