Teamwork Makes the SEO Dream Work with SEO Coaching

You don’t have to walk the road to success alone! Gain access to empowering SEO Coaching, together with your team. Work with us and discover the simplicity of powerful tactics to improve your online SEO ranking.

Heather Lutz


Here’s your path that your coach will walk you through.

You can click on any component on the map below and get a brief pop-up of each stage of your coaching path. Your SEO consultant will give you accountability, shortcuts and tools to make your site the most findable online. But it’s not just that, its connecting with humans not robots!

You’ve got the team, you’ve got a beautiful website, and loads of great content to fill it with. What now? What comes next on your road to online success?

Our SEO Coaching gives you the answer to the following questions:

  • How do you become “the thing” the internet talks about?
  • Even better, how do you become findable online and expand your online presence?
  • How to find your ideal prospects online?

Who Can Benefit From Findability University SEO Coaching?

  • Small businesses that dislike throwing money on ranking agencies.
  • Large corporations that wish to expand their online presence.
  • Entire teams working in the digital marketing sector.

How Do I Get Started and What Do I Get For The Investment?

  • 6 coaching calls with an Expert Findability Member.
  • 2 of Heather’s books on SEO and a pdf of the third.
  • You are assigned a Certified Findability Coach.
  • Heather Lutze, Dean of Findability University will be an integral piece of this contract but the primary contact will be your Expert Faculty SEO Coach.

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Stop dreaming about success and get on with our SEO training program. Also, you can take your entire team with you. Once they learn the way to ranking success, and you’re all on the same page, there will be no stopping you. Then you can go back and show your searchers how truly Findable you can be. They’re online searching for you right now.

Benefits After Our SEO Coaching

  • Your website attracts attention and inspires prospects to take action.
  • You and your team work together to achieve dynamic online presence.
  • Everyone on your team understand the methods to take charge and ensure your online success.
  • Your social media sites and blog becomes a relevant factor in the eyes of your prospects.
Heather Lutz