SEO Competitor Analysis: Get to Know Your Competition

So you’ve decided to improve your site rankings and appear higher in search results, but before you rush into optimizing and keyword mapping you’ll need to perform an SEO competitor Analysis.

SEO Competitor Analysis: Identify Your Key Competitors First

Before jumping into the mission, the first step is to define your competition and understand the difference between your actual online competitors and your head trash competitors. I always refer to this as: Google vs Head Trash.

Do you have a company in mind that just drives you crazy?

You see them with the best booth at the convention. Maybe a pompous competitor annoys you by bragging about success or you lose business to them on a regular basis.

This is your head trash competitor NOT necessarily your online competitor.
On the other hand, your online competition snatches your ideal prospects right in front of your nose, so they end up visiting your competitor’s site. Does that piss you off? It should.

At this point you’re probably asking yourself: “How do I find out who my competitors are?”

Well, as far as your prospects are concerned, your real online competitor is whoever is more Findable than you are via whatever portal they prefer. This includes Google, social media sites, or blogs.

SEO Competitor Analysis: A Mission to Get the Best Seats Online

You see the competitive landscape in the Google search results over and over. After a while, you start suspecting they hired an expensive agency to rank under critical keyword phrases.

During your mission, you will target a core group of your competitors and dig into what they have used to dominate online. Learn with the help of their best practices and soon you will experience increased visibility online.

With Findability, you’ll build your online presence, step by step, to reach as many of your ideal customers as possible who WANT to find you but haven’t yet visited your site.

The SEO competitor analysis is a great tool that can give your company unprecedented access to historically expensive and out of reach data. And to truly dominate online, with that competitor analysis:

  • You’ll leverage this data to become more Findable.
  • You’ll set your online marketing strategy that goes head-to-head with your key competitors.

Your competitors have spent hundreds of thousands on their marketing and you can take advantage of what is working for them.

It’s time to take a closer look so you can set your own online marketing strategies accordingly and finally take your rightful place next to your key competitors. You should have been there all along and now you can be!

Here’s an example of SEO Competitor Analysis Template with a closer look of 5 key competitors regarding Bali Accommodation.

SEO Competitor Analysis: Get Found Online

In the age of technology, a thriving business hinges on a dynamic online presence!

If your company’s online marketing & SEO strategy are not set up optimally, your website is more like an unconscionable foe working against you, limiting leads, minimizing sales and delivering sluggish business results.

You need to be found online fast to capture prospects before they find your competitors. That’s why your online presence can be your greatest asset, attracting lots of business from customers who are ready to buy.

On the other hand, if your online presence doesn’t move the needle even after countless rounds of investment and advice. This is a problem of massive proportions, rampant even in today’s technologically savvy marketplace.

SEO Competitor Tools & Marketing: How Much Do We Really Know?

After working for years in website development, followed by an Internet marketing career for big dot-coms, I started Lutze Consulting in 2000 to address this monumental problem.

Establishing my own firm was in direct response to the pain I witnessed as business owners struggled to understand why their sites and online marketing didn’t perform

The questions they asked demonstrated how they suffered from:

  • Outdated SEO practices.
  • A lack of knowledge overall.
  • The absence of Internet marketing.
  • Matched with limiting beliefs about what works online.

The question that naturally came to me at the time: “Why do so many companies spend thousands of dollars on websites that don’t deliver business results and online marketing that doesn’t work?”

It’s shocking and must be stopped once and for all.

Marketing Espionage: Why Spying on Your Competition is Smart

My mission is to put an end to underperforming websites by educating business owners and marketing teams about Findability.

That’s why Marketing Espionage is essential for your business success. You need to understand why your online marketing does not perform and why your competitors’ web efforts are successful.

Marketing Espionage is the practice of SEO competitor analysis to see what is currently working. You conduct this undercover work by using industry tools that analyze the competition and reveal how your prospects search the web.

Based on these findings you put together your own SEO strategy to stand out on the Internet and attract customers who are ready to buy.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tool – SEMrush to Increase Your Search Traffic
One of the best online competitor tools that actually helps you turn the data you collect into actionable insights. Only then you can consider developing a new one or improving your current content strategy.

Here are all the different fields you can spy on:

  • Competitor Research – Here you can analyze your online competition and create a winning marketing strategy.
  • Keyword Research – You’ll also learn there is something called keyword magic tool that helps you build SEO or PPC campaigns.
  • Site Audit – Find and fix on-site issues and boost your SEO optimization.
  • Backlink Analysis – Do not let yourself get penalized by Google for toxic backlinks, time to flush them down the drain.

SEMrush is a great SEO competitor analysis tool that can truly help you on the road to online domination, and once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you managed without it all this time.

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