In order to infiltrate your competitors, you will need to be equipped with an SEO Keyword Tools Arsenal.

In this article we’ll show you three powerful keyword analysis tools and how to use them.

1SEMrush is one the most comprehensive and thorough SEO keyword tool sets for gathering competitive intelligence online.

You can cross, combine, and visualize SEMrush data to compare competitive domains and estimate keyword difficulty, ALL with a few clicks.

What you get:

  • You’ll be able to see your competitors’ best keywords.
  • You’ll discover new organic competitors.
  • You’ll observe position changes of domains.
The MI6 of SEO Strategy

Use this URL for a free 14 Day Trial – No Credit Card Required

Go to and enter your competitor’s domain, right from the home screen. You can’t miss it.

You can also enter your own site, or keywords and see your own data and how you rank in search results!

The first thing you’ll see is a dashboard with lots of the information about your competitor. The only report you really need to review is “Organic Keywords.”

Click on that link and you’ll see a master keyword list that contains words and phrases for which your competitor ranks. You can choose to export that list and start from there or you can dig deeper and evaluate all the specific keywords to derive the best matches for you.

On the page with the “Organic Keyword” list, you will notice five essential elements to evaluate next to each keyword:
  • The exact keyword they rank for on Google.
  • The ranking position (1 to 10 appear on page one; anything over 10 appears on page two or more).
  • Search volume average over the past 12 months.
  • Cost per click (CPC) fee. This is useful for evaluating how competitive the term is and how much companies are willing to pay per click-through.
URL of the exact page that ranks under that keyword phrase.

2This incredible website has two wonderful SEO Keyword tools: SmartSearch Kombat

There is an easy way to use the SmartSearch tool:

  • Start by typing any keyword phrase you want. I recommend entering only two-word keyword phrases because when you type in a long tail keyword the tool isn’t as good at making suggestions.
  • Then click on “Search.” Try it now with the phrase “management training.”
  • The next screen is a spy-worthy dashboard that reveals all kinds of details.
  • On the left, you’ll see the phrase “management training” gets close to 4,400 searches a month.
  • Just below, you’ll see the average pay per click cost is $6.42 and that competitors spend an average of $763 a month for paid searches.
Improving your search engine ranking avoids having to pay that kind of money.
Enter a Competitor’s Website to See

There is a subscription fee, but you can access a free, 90-day trial, as my guest:

Login Info for Heather’s Guest
Password: FindSpy

3This keyword tool accesses suggestions used by regular Web searches or from search verticals like Shopping, News, or Video.

Übersuggest takes your base term, adds a letter or a digit in front of it, and extracts suggestions, so you can:

  • Click on each word to get even more suggestions based on that search term.
  • Add each keyword to your basket by clicking on the plus sign on the left.
  • Or add them all to your basket by clicking on the large grey button.
The name says it all!

Übersuggest is a free keyword suggestion tool that makes good use of different suggest services.

Go to and type a term in the box, then choose a language and a source.

Get Real User Queries for FREE!

With this keyword tool that you get for free, you can instantly get thousands of keyword ideas from real user queries! Use the keywords to get inspiration for your next blog post or to optimize your PPC campaigns.

For example, if you are writing about a particular topic and are struggling to find yet another way to talk about it, Ubersuggest will generate every iteration available running through the alphabet.

It’s an excellent way of coming up with some great ideas and expanding your list of options.

Find out more about this SEO keyword tool by watching an Ubersuggest tutorial on YouTube.

Google Offers Its Own SEO Keyword Tools

It is important to mention that when you type a keyword into Google, you’ll notice the autocomplete suggestions that drop down.

This is where Google provides search predictions similar to the search terms you typed. This is a simple and effective way to do keyword research.

You can totally use Google as your own keyword suggestion tool.

Bonus Content – How to Use Google AdWords

We wanted to satisfy the visual side of you, so we found a decent Tutorial on Google AdWords that will get you excited about SEO Keyword tools – we’re certain of that!

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