Best SEO Reporting Tools

Once your website is optimized, it’s time to measure the success of the SEO work you did by utilizing SEO reporting tools. You’ll want to know:

  • How much traffic you’re getting.
  • Which referral sources are bringing in traffic.
  • The keywords you rank for.

Let’s take a look at some of the best SEO reporting software available:

Google Analytics

Save time and money with this free tool. It measures your success beautifully, providing a wealth of information, and it’s one of the best free SEO reporting tools.

Go and visit to setup your account. There is a learning center where you can find out more.

The analytics tool is amazing, and once you learn how to use it, you can discover:

  • Where most visitors land.
  • How long they stay.
  • Pages they tend to leave.

The traffic statistics are so detailed that you can find out what happened on one particular day, a week, or look at a whole year’s data.

Google Search Console

It used to be called Webmaster Tools since Google started it as a free web service for webmasters. It allowed them to optimize the visibility of their site.

Google Search Console is great for seeing exactly what Google thinks about your site. This SEO tool reports:

  • How often the spiders crawl your site.
  • How many pages are indexed.
  • You’ll also discover if you are being penalized so you can correct the error that may have reduced your site’s ranking.

Track Yourself on the Web

You may think this is unnecessary but monitoring when and where your name appears on the web is a smart business practice.

According to Urban Dictionary, this is called ego surfing or vanity searching. Simply type your name into the Google search bar within quotes while in incognito mode to see what comes up.

More than 70% of people will Google you before they visit your site or call. So, Googling yourself is an important part of online reputation management.

With SEO in mind, you want to own all the spots on page one of search results including your website, your LinkedIn profile, other social media profiles, your blog…

If you see competitors under your name, you need to add more content to push them down in the results.

Some competitors will actually optimize pages under your name, to draw away your customers.

Google Alerts

You can spy on anything with the SEO reporting tools that Google Alerts provides. There are a few tricks to setting them up.

  • First, make sure you put whatever phrases you want to track in quotes. For example, if I wanted to spy on myself I’d set up an alert for “Heather Lutze” with quotes around my name. This way the search is set to match exactly my full name.
  • Next, select the type of result you want from everything available : video, news, blogs, or books. You can also set the frequency for alerts to be sent daily, or a weekly digest.
  • You can also track competitors with a Google Alert, plus news topics or content based on your keywords. Remember to use quotes when you set up the alert. “Heather Lutze” will give me alerts for that exact phrase.

This SEO reporting tool lets you know how many people are talking about you, positively or negatively on social media channels. You’ll get an alert if anyone mentions your name, company, products, or services on the web. SEO reporting at its best!

Hootsuite is perfect for small and medium businesses, agencies, and busy community managers who need to manage, engage, and measure social media engagement and mentions.

You can create:

  • Up to 100 Social Profiles.
  • Up to 10 Enhanced Analytics Reports.
  • Up to 10 Team Members.

Grow and engage your audience using Hootsuite’s robust SEO reporting tools. You’ll always be up-to-date and truly connected to your customer base. This will allow for rich and detailed marketing reports.

Continue Running SEO Reporting Tools

Keep tabs on how your site is doing. Once you’ve completed your optimization, remember to go back to,, and and set up schedules to run reports periodically.

If you’re wondering how to make a unique SEO report for a client, check out the following .

Continue Gathering Competitor Intelligence

Once your new site is up and running or you revised the site you had, you don’t get a free pass to stop the surveillance!

Conduct periodic competitor reports by going back to and to stay on top of the ever-changing web.

Marketing Espionage is a continuous process, so choose the most helpful SEO reporting tools and use them daily to your benefit.

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