Search Engine Optimization For Ultimate Online Findability

An SEO Expert’s Advice

Presented by expert SEO speaker Heather Lutze

Unlocking the mystery of how to “get found” online!

If your website doesn’t turn up on page one of a Google search—chances are it won’t be found, no matter how much hard work and money you put into it. Did you know that over 94% of users click on first page results— leaving only 6% clicking on the second page?

If no one finds you, they certainly cannot hire you or do business with you. How frustrating…
Search engine optimization (SEO) expert to the rescue!

In this clear, engaging and “geek speak” free presentation, acclaimed SEO speaker Heather Lutze gives audiences three very important things:

  1. The big picture of how online customers, search engines, keywords, and websites all work together from the perspective of an SEO expert.
  2. The actionable steps attendees can take to improve their ranking, and be found by their target audience.
  3. The insight and enthusiasm for the possibilities SEO offers, an enthusiasm that will carry them through the steps needed to take their businesses to the next level!

The Findability Formula for Search Engine Optimization includes:

  • Why just having a great website is no longer enough:
    Competition is fierce for the top spots, if you are not on page one of a Google search, your customers will find your better optimized competitors—not you!
  • A little keyword research goes a long way:
    The terms customers are using to search for your services might not be what you’d expect. Find out exactly how they are searching—those terms will become your most important keywords.
  • Organic search vs. paid search:
    The benefits of Pay-per-click, and how to use the information you get from a paid campaign to optimize for better natural (free) search results.
  • Optimize your site with high ranking keywords:
    How, where, when and why to insert the keywords to catch Google’s eye.
  • SEO for social media too:
    Your blog posts, FB or LinkedIn posts, even your videos and tweets can be optimized for search. Learn how it all works together to move you to the top of search results.Are you worried that this topic is too technical for your audience? Rest assured that Heather is an SEO speaker who gets the message across to everyone, from techno-geeks to total internet marketing newbies.This dynamic presentation can be customized to the specific needs of your industry or association… ask us how!Both of Heather’s books touch upon SEO and the importance of keywords. Either or both would make a fantastic promotional gift for your conference attendees, strengthening and expanding upon the information they receive during her presentation. Talk to us about special event pricing!

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